NATO member countries increase military spending, or become Trumps pressure on South Korea

 NATO member countries increase military spending, or become Trumps pressure on South Korea

According to South Koreas China Central Daily on December 3, citing the Washington Post and CNN, NATO countries decided to increase defense expenses in accordance with Trumps requirements, and significantly reduce the cost of U.S. expenditures for NATO. NATO members other than the United States should bear the cost of the shortage.

CNN quoted U.S. Defense Department and NATO officials as saying that NATO members decided to reduce the U.S. share of NATOs budget. From 2021, the U.S. share of NATOs budget will be reduced from 22% to the same 16% as that of Germany. After the share reduction, the U.S. can save about $150 million annually.

Trump will attend the NATO summit in London from December 3 to 4, when he will continue to press his allies to increase the amount of NATO defense fee sharing. When NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg held a press conference last week, he said, all NATO member states have committed to increase defense investment and are fulfilling this commitment..

In response, the central daily analyzed that Trumps victory in NATO negotiations is expected to have an impact on the South Korean US Defense fee negotiations due at the end of the year, and the US delegation is likely to use the precedent of NATO to put pressure on South Korea.

U.S. Defense Secretary esper said at the South Korea US Security Conference on November 15 that South Korea should bear more defense costs for U.S. forces stationed in South Korea. He said he hoped that the allies of the United States around the world would make greater contributions to defense costs.

According to CCTV news, although esper didnt specify how much he wanted South Korea to bear, the US asked South Korea to bear $4.7 billion in defense fees next year, more than five times that of this year, CNN quoted us government officials as saying.

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