Turkey expects to sign a new S-400 contract with Russia not too late

 Turkey expects to sign a new S-400 contract with Russia not too late

Ismail Safi, a member of the committee, told Russian satellite news agency that when Turkey would buy S-400 from Russia again was just a technical issue and the purchase date would not be too late.

Turkey has to get Russias s s S-400 air defense missile system, which will not weaken NATOs defense capability, but will enhance it, he said. But we are not doing this for NATO, but to strengthen our own air defense system.

Alexander mikheiv, general manager of Russias defense products export company, confirmed in late November that a new contract to sell the S-400 is expected to be signed with Turkey in the first half of next year.

Turkey signed an agreement with Russia in 2017 to buy four S-400 systems, which then offended NATO allies such as the United States. The United States believes that the S-400 cannot be compatible with the NATO weapon system, and Turkeys installation of this Russian system may help Russia locate and track the F-35 stealth fighters of the United States and its allies in the future.

The US asked Turkey to give up buying the S-400. Turkey insisted on fulfilling the contract, determined that other countries had no right to interfere, and received the first batch of S-400 system equipment in July.

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