Beijing media: the national football team has not entered the real stage of the competition

 Beijing media: the national football team has not entered the real stage of the competition

On December 1, the Chinese Football Association released the list of 28 players of the new national mens football selection team through official channels. Most of their players will go to Busan, South Korea for this years East Asia Cup International Invitational. Li Tie, the coach of the team, led zhuoer team to finish the League on December 1, which made it easy for him to rush to Shanghai on December 2. He also became the busiest professional football coach in China.

According to the list of the new national football selection team, among the 28 players, Wang Dalei, Zhang Qizhe, Wei Shihao, Ji Xiang, Wang Ziming, Mai tijiang, Feng Jin and many others have been in the team of the top 40 national football preliminary matches. And other players such as LV Wenjun, Cao Jianding, Mei fang, Li Ang and Tan long also have high performances in the Chinese Super League and the Chinese first league this season. So the national football selection team still has considerable competitiveness. From the perspective of player recruitment, it is obvious that neither the Chinese Football Association nor the coaching team headed by Li Tie led the team to the East Asia Cup this time, not to cope with the task of competition, but to strive for the team to make a difference in the trip to South Korea with certain ideas or goals.

Coincidentally, shortly after Li Tie led the national football selection team to play the rally in Shanghai, another local young excellent coach Li Xiaopeng will lead the team from Jinan to Shanghai on the 4th, preparing for the second round of the FA Cup with Shenhua on the 6th. On the occasion of the second round of FA Cup final held in Shanghai, CFA will hold the award ceremony of CSL in 2019. Coincidentally, Li Tie and Li Xiaopeng have just become two of the three ultimate candidates for the best coach award of the season. Its not hard to see that the two have made great achievements in the past season. So after Lippi resigned, its not surprising that the two became rumoured popular candidates for the new coach of the national football team.

Up to now, the work of the Chinese Football Association on the official version of the national football coach has not entered the substantive stage, but it is impossible for the relevant parties to have no idea about this work. However, in recent years, with the frequent changes in the selection of coaches, the CFA needs to learn from the past experience and even lessons in the selection of coaches. Therefore, the CFA has been more cautious in the selection of foreign or local coaches.

But it has to be said that both Li Xiaopeng and Li Tie have been mentioned by the Chinese Football Association and relevant parties. As early as last year, Li Xiaopengs name was associated with the position of the national training team.

It is worth noting that members of the new leadership team, such as Chen Xuyuan, President of CFA, and Liu Yi, secretary general, will not be surprised to observe the FA Cup winning battle between Luneng and Shenhua in Shanghai, and present major awards at the 7-day CSL award ceremony. Meanwhile, it does not exclude the possibility that the leaders of the Football Association visit the national football selection team. In other words, in Shanghai this week, two scandal candidates of the national football team will be exposed under the attention of the leaders of the Football Association. Whether they can be elected as national coach or whether other coaches, including foreign coaches, are among the final candidates, the results of the FA Cup final and the East Asia Cup will be the weight for the two local coaches to compete for the position of national coach.

According to the plan, the national football selection team will train in Century Park Stadium, which is usually used by the team in Shanghai. This training program is only open to media reporters once. The time is initially set at 11:00 a.m. on the 4th, when Li Tie will answer questions from the media. On the one hand, it shows the caution of the current training of the overseas football selection team. On the other hand, it indicates that Li Tie is prepared and has ideas for leading the team. From the perspective of preparation interests, he needs to cover up his technical and tactical arrangements.