You will not lose, you will win or learn

 You will not lose, you will win or learn

To be honest, Manchester United is a special experience in my resume, which has become the past. As Mandela once said, you cant lose, you can only win or learn.. At Manchester United, I have won a lot and learned a lot. I have no regrets. Im not a villain. Im not an enemy, but Im now the manager of a Manchester United opponent and I want to take the victory away Mourinho said at yesterdays pre match press conference.

At that time, what will Manchester Uniteds home fans do with Mourinhos return? I dont think they will support me, said the Frenchman. They will support manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Its natural, thats what the game is like, its a place that has made a lot of history (Old Trafford), and the fans know the passion of the club. They love their club, they love Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Mourinho has led Tottenham to three straight wins and is set to take Manchester United tomorrow. I am a better coach now than I would have been at Manchester United. Im still me, Im very happy, very happy. I wont hide it. I dont want to hide it. Now I will study Manchester Uniteds tactics as an opponent and how to beat them. This is the most important thing for me.

Is there any regret at Manchester United? Mourinho said: in your opinion, its as if I left Manchester United yesterday. Actually, Ive been away for a year. If youve always wanted to make Manchester United my match, then lets make them my match. Now, Im the manager of Tottenham

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