Guangdong Media: Zahavis data is dazzling, and Paulinos contribution is more comprehensive and worthy of MVP

 Guangdong Media: Zahavis data is dazzling, and Paulinos contribution is more comprehensive and worthy of MVP

At the beginning of 2019, the sports news department of Southern Metropolis Daily set up the annual player selection of China Super League in Dawan District: select the best player in each round from three teams of Guangzhou Evergrande, Guangzhou Fuli and Shenzhen jiazhaoye, score and rank them, and finally select the annual MVP of Dawan district based on the ranking of 30 rounds and other factors. Take a look at the best player of the three teams this season.

Deep foot player of the year John Mali

There are a few rounds, some teams do not evaluate the teams best, because the team is in a low state, and there is no player who performs well. Shenzhen jiazhaoyes John Mali, presiardo, sernas and goalkeeper Guowei are all four times elected as the teams best, and Shenzhen football teams best can only be selected from the four.

Although John Marie joined in the middle of the season, he has the best statistics, scoring 9 goals in 14 appearances. Malis decisive and tough style in the front line is very impressive. He has the level of playing as the main foreign aid striker in the Chinese Super League team. Presia made 25 appearances, scored 5 goals and sent 5 assists. Cernas made 27 appearances, scored four goals and had three assists. Guowei is the most stable player in Shenzhen football for a year, but he is the goalkeeper. Guowei has 95 successful saves this season, ranking fifth in CSL, which also shows how bad the defense of Shenzhen football is. In terms of all performances, its only half a season, but we think John Mali is the most eye-catching player in 2019.

Guangzhou Fuli best player Zahavi

Zhahawi of Guangzhou Fuli was selected as the best player of the team 12 times, goalkeeper Cheng Yuelei was elected 5 times, denbelle, Saba and Tang Miao were elected 3 times respectively. Zahavis 29 goals surpassed elksons 28 goals in 2014, setting a new record of individual highest goal in the single season of CSL. It also ensured that Zahavi got the golden boot for the second time.

Zahavis Israeli compatriot Saba, as a new aid to the team, contributed 13 goals and 6 assists. Only from the data point of view, Saba seems to perfectly fill the gap left by renadinhos loan. But in terms of the actual game process, Sabas role is far less than that of renadinho at his peak.

When Saba and Zahavi are average, denbelle will be eye-catching. His trademark is possession and passing. In a season, denbelle has tried 135 times, second only to Carrasco in Dalian, and has succeeded 118 times, ranking first in the Chinese Super League. Denbelles foot control technique is absolutely the first in CSL, but its only foot control technique. His key passing times are only 43. Denbelles main role is to break through the midfield defense with the ball, while the passing vision and organizational ability are very general.

Although Fu Li is in the doldrums as a whole, Tang Miao has kicked out another data showing his assist ability after the 2017 season, and the iconic passing has become the label of his technical style. Ten assists in the season are not only Tang Miaos career record, but also the new record of full back assists in the Chinese professional league. Its just that Fulis defense is too bad, which makes the assists of full back lose a lot of meaning. Although Fuli has lost 72 goals in total, close to the humiliating data, no one criticizes Cheng Yuelei in the last defense line, because he has also achieved the extreme - 123 times of successful saves, ranking first among all goalkeepers in Zhongchao.

In any case, Zahavis numbers are so dazzling that there is no doubt that Fuli is the best player in the team in 2019.

Guangzhou Evergrande best player paolio

Guangzhou Evergrande is the biggest winner of CSL in 2019. When the champion comes to hand, the blood exchange is successful. Three young people, Wei Shihao, Yang Liyu and Yan Dinghao, together, have been elected the best in the team 10 times. Weshowes 11 goals became the local striker king, Yang Liyus 12 assists became the local assists king. In addition, weshowe has 6 assists and Yang Liyu has 4 goals.

Gao Zhuoyi and Liu Dianzuo are also the harvest of Evergrande in 2019. The former has been the absolute main center back of the team until the last five rounds of injuries. Evergrande has found the future backbone of the teams defense, and the latter has helped Evergrande win the championship as the main force for the first time.

Talicaine was out of the League for 12 games with only 18 appearances, but also scored 11 goals and assisted twice. Although the data is not as good as weshowes, taliskas threat on the court must be higher than weshowes, especially in the tough battles of strong and strong dialogues. Taliska was voted the teams best eight times, six of them before the injury. Taliskas condition declined after his injury, but he scored twice in time in the most crucial third round of tianwangshan battle, helping the team to win the title in Hong Kong.

Exxon joined in the summer window, with only 9 starts out of 13 appearances, but also 10 goals and 5 assists. In the six months since his return to Evergrande, it seems that Exxons efficiency has returned to its peak, but his threat on the offensive side has declined a lot, which is no more than that of that year. Exxons 10 goals are far less valuable than taliskas 11.

Evergrande stars shine, but the lowest profile paolinio is the brightest. Paolinio has only been elected the best player in the team seven times, one less than taliska, but throughout the whole situation, he is the most critical role in carrying Evergrande out of the trough and winning the 13 consecutive wins in the Chinese Super record. With 19 goals, 6 assists and 6 hits on the doorframe, the goals and assists data only show a part of paolio. In addition, paolio was also selected as the last three MVP candidates by the Chinese Super League.

Award presentation words

Goals and assists data only show part of paolios ability. He is Evergrandes most frequent player in the whole year. His indefatigability, his leadership, his role as an example, and his comprehensive skills all contribute to his unique position in the championship team.

29 appearances in CSL this season

Appearance time: 2436 minutes

84 minutes on average

19 goals, 0.66 per game

79 shots, 44%

6 assists, 39 key passes

1369 passes in total

Pass success rate 89%

0.83 steals per game

0.72 times per field

Six hits to the doorframe

55 successes

A review of Paulinos greatest contribution

There are three super teams in Dawan district. The best players in their respective teams are paolio, Zahavi and John Mali. John Mali is obviously not as good as paolio and Zahavi, the best season can only be produced between paolio and Zahavi. Only from personal data, paolio is not as good as Zahavi, but considering the results of leading the team, paolio is far above Zahavi. In Evergrande, everyone admires paolio. Although Zahavi is wearing the captains armband, his contribution on the defensive side is too little, which makes some teammates criticized.

After deliberation, we decided to award the best player award in the Bay Area in 2019 to paolio, and Evergrande 8 deserves it.