Shanghai Media: the fans of Shenhua who watched Evergrande win the championship and the FA Cup didnt hope

 Shanghai Media: the fans of Shenhua who watched Evergrande win the championship and the FA Cup didnt hope

The long 2019 CSL has finally come to an end. On December 1, Guangzhou Evergrande won the eighth championship of the league and achieved the achievement of 8 Chinese Super champions in 9 years. Shenhua left Tianhe Sports Center with the score of 0-3, which was not particularly depressed because there was a real showdown waiting for them. On December 6, in the second leg of the 2019 FA Cup final, can Shenhua, who returns to Hongkou, play Luneng?

Since 2011, Shenhua and Evergrande have played 18 times, with a record of 14-3 and only 1 win. Moreover, they have never won away games. Shenhua still failed to break the magic spell during the trip. This season, Shenhua 8 wins, 6 draws, 16 losses and 30 points, ranking 13th in the league. To end the league with such a result can not satisfy the fans, but there is a glimmer of hope for next weeks FA Cup. In order to prepare for the Football Association Cup, Shenhua had a rotation in the first round. Moreno, Cao Jianding, Li Shuai and others were not included in the list.

In the post match press conference, Shenhua coach Cui Kangxi commented on the match, if we didnt lose the ball in the first half, the result might be better, but in the last moment of the first half, our lack of attention led to the loss of the ball. There is a gap between us and our opponents, but the players have worked hard to the end and I am satisfied with their performance. We will have the most important 90 minute game in five days and hope the players can come back to Shanghai with their heads held high. Fortunately in this game, none of us was injured and everyone fought to the end

In many previous games, Shenhua has frequently lost the ball and directly changed the situation on the field. Cui Kangxi said, in fact, looking back at our previous losses, many of them are caused by our own mistakes or lack of attention. After returning to Shanghai, I hope we can improve our deficiencies and improve our overall attention in the shortest time.

After losing to Evergrande in the last round of the league, Shenhua has lost five consecutive league cup matches and has not scored in sports. According to Cui Kangxi, this is a problem in the teams overall mentality. First of all, we have scored less since that game in Chongqing, but we have been scoring before.. I dont think the problem of scoring less in recent games is the responsibility of the attacking players, but the whole players are relaxed in mentality, which we need to solve in a short time

It sounds like there are many problems that need to be solved by Cui Kangxi in a short time. Although the overall strength of Shenhua was not as good as that of Shanggang when it won the championship in 2017, there were guarin at the back and Martins at the front. As time goes by, Shenhua has Jin Xinyu and sharavi who are called loudly, but one magic aura has faded, and one has not found the manual yet. Of course, this kind of decisive battle is not only about strength, but also the desire of the team.

For the upcoming final, Shenhua fans are also very contradictory. Who doesnt want the team to win the championship, but the teams current shortcomings make people dare not hope too much. It is said that tickets for the game are in short supply. Some fans have made statistics. From 1994 to 1999, Shenhua has achieved 56 unbeaten home games in five years. The home of Shenhua once was an unshakable blockhouse. This season, Shenhua 15 home only 5 wins, 2 draws. Like this years home losing to Guoan, Suning and other old enemies, this was unimaginable before. I hope the Hongkou Football Field on December 6 will become the home of blue ocean and devil again.

Fan comments:

Since the 16th team of CSL in 2008, it has the worst record, the most goals lost, the lowest points, the most losses, and the most losses at home. Do you have the heart to play the final on the 6th?

All hope in the FA Cup, the result is a mess to play down, in the end, where to come from the strength and gas field to win Luneng?

The game has been lax, losing ten goals in five games. What does playing in the FA Cup give players confidence and a desire to win?

Hope to give us another miracle? Come on Shenhua!

The FA Cup doesnt hold much hope. Its good to lose less or play 1-1 in the official match.

Its true to do a good job in defense. In todays situation, we dont want to win the FA Cup, we want to stop relegation next year!