Soshuai: Im about to leave class? Nonsense! Manchester United fans and senior management support me

 Soshuai: Im about to leave class? Nonsense! Manchester United fans and senior management support me

Im fine. Theres no problem at all. Sometimes I laugh when I read the news about what did I say to my team members. I deeply understand that these so-called internal news are not internal news at all. They are blatant lies. Soshuai angrily criticized the media for spreading rumors. Yesterday, the sun revealed that if Manchester United lost to Tottenham and Manchester City in a row, manager SOHO would be dismissed. He already knew this and told the news to Manchester United players.

Its obviously not good to see so many colleagues finish class. This season, we have played too many draws and of course we have lost some. But in my opinion, we could have turned those draws into wins. Football, after all, only depends on the result. I am not happy, I know we can do better, for this I also work harder. I dont think the result is worthy of our efforts. I dont worry about myself because its December.

Soshuai stressed that he has been communicating with Woodward. We always keep in touch. We talk many times a week instead of just thinking about it. We have started the reconstruction plan and made some important decisions. The current situation makes us unhappy and dissatisfied, but we will continue to work hard.

SOHO has strongly denied that the next two games will determine his future. Three or four days of competition will not affect the overall situation, of course, these two games are very rare opportunities for us. We need to use this time to improve our own level and prove that we can make good achievements in the strong dialogue.

For me, I just focus on the process and the support I get. So far, I havent heard many people say to me, you have to make a change. they can see what were doing. They know weve done a lot behind the scenes, were going to put a culture in this team and weve been doing that all the time The manager believes United fans are behind him.

We just need an outcome, we need to prove it. Weve tied six games this season and I think we should have won all six. We need to do more on the pitch, which is the only place we can respond to the outside world. Some clubs are more patient than others, while others are not. I have a plan. I hope I can get enough time. Sometimes things dont go as fast as you want, but youre actually in the right direction.

This year, we have encountered many difficulties, but we have all reversed the situation. I think our team lost morale and ambition at the end of last season. However, we are not the same now, I believe that this group of players, we can win any game Soshuai said.

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