Man citys 70 million Rockets! Sterling: almost kicked me back to Jamaica

 Man citys 70 million Rockets! Sterling: almost kicked me back to Jamaica

In the 68th minute of the match, David Silva shot in the forbidden area and was blocked by the other players. Inside the arc top of the forbidden area, rod directly volleyed the ball with his right foot. The football went straight to the goal. Although bournley goalkeeper pop flew to save his left hand and had touched the football, but because rodrys shooting power was too big, pop was unable to prevent the football from flying into the goal. Manchester City was 3-0 ahead!

While rodry was shooting the ball, City striker Steven sterling was in the penalty area. He happened to be on the flight path of football. In the face of high-speed football, sterling quickly bent to avoid, football almost wiped sterlings head and flew to the goal. If Sterling dodges a little slower, he may be hit in the head by the football.

After the game, sterling also tweeted, fortunately rodry didnt hit me in the head, or I would have been kicked back to Jamaica. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, sterling traveled to the UK with her mother at the age of 2. Its true that Rodriguezs shot is very powerful. If he is hit in the head, sterling will be injured.

It was rodrys second long-range shot from outside the box this season, after which whoscrored gave him the highest score of 8.9. It was a fantastic goal and it was a good night for us, rodry said. We need this win and we celebrate it after the game because we need to win and gain confidence, which is very important for us. Were doing our best, but sometimes we dont get the results we want. There is still a long way to go to the end of the season and today the team has won an important victory. As long as there is hope in theory, we will fight to the end.

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