Drink congee after all raise stomach or hurt stomach? The truth is like this!

 Drink congee after all raise stomach or hurt stomach? The truth is like this!

Porridge does have some advantages. First of all, porridge belongs to liquid food, which can quickly enter the small intestine without a lot of chewing and stomach peristalsis, and decompose into glucose and be absorbed and utilized by the human body. So for us, porridge is easy to digest, and then reduce the burden of gastrointestinal. Especially for the elderly and children with relatively weak function of spleen and stomach, as well as those with insufficient postoperative or gastric motility, it can reduce the burden of spleen and stomach, which is a method of nourishing stomach.

Secondly, the volume of porridge is larger than that of solid food, which is more likely to cause stomach expansion, so eating porridge is more likely to make people feel full. This feature is conducive to peoples control of food consumption and weight loss.

In addition, porridge can nourish yin and Qi. In the collection of compendium of Materia Medica, it is described that rice oil can be eaten by those who are black and thin, and fat and white in a hundred days. With its Yin nourishing function, it is better than that of the mature land. A bowl of rice oil can be skimmed out every day, and the light clothes are the best.. In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, there is the stomach likes moistening, but it is not dry. Therefore, eating porridge properly can replenish water in the body, nourish the stomach and protect the stomach. For constipation is a good way.

Ignoring these two points may lead to the misunderstanding of eating porridge and nourishing stomach

From the above aspects, porridge does have many benefits, but its warning function cannot be ignored, otherwise it will go into the misunderstanding of eating porridge and nourishing the stomach:

1. Many enzymes in saliva can promote the digestion and absorption of food. The secretion of these enzymes needs chewing stimulation. If you often drink porridge without chewing action, it will inhibit the secretion of enzymes, not only reduce the digestibility of food in the mouth, increase the burden on the stomach, but also affect the digestion and absorption of food in the stomach and intestine. Moreover, if you drink porridge for a long time, gastrointestinal peristalsis will always be in a state of idleness, just like the long-standing machine will rust, which may lead to the decline of digestive function, which is not conducive to nourishing the stomach.

2. Eating porridge will increase the volume and weight of stomach in a short time, which is not good for patients with gastroptosis. Moreover, for people who are easy to burn and turn sour, it is easy to drink porridge, which aggravates symptoms. Therefore, this kind of people should drink less.

Keep the scope of application in mind, you can nourish your stomach healthily

How can we avoid falling into mistakes? We need to keep in mind the scope of application of eating porridge and nourishing the stomach.

Suitable for people: it is more suitable for children, the elderly, people with weak spleen and stomach, lack of gastric motility and less gastric acid secretion.

Unsuitable people: those who have symptoms such as acid regurgitation and heartburn or suffer from gastric ulcer, reflux esophagitis, gastroptosis and hyperglycemia.

Suitable time: three meals a day cannot be congee for a long time.

Suitable type: according to different constitution, the partial choice of porridge can not be too absolute. For example, people with deficiency of spleen and stomach or weak spleen and stomach are not suitable to take mung bean porridge and red bean porridge.

Its not suitable for diabetics to drink porridge is too absolute

For healthy people without stomach disease, eating porridge in proper amount has the effect of nourishing stomach. But we cant drink porridge for a long time, otherwise its disadvantageous from the intake of nutrients and gastrointestinal peristalsis function; moreover, according to the physical differences, the type of porridge can also be slightly adjusted.

The digestion and absorption of porridge is fast, so the blood sugar reaction after meal is intense, which is not conducive to the control of blood sugar for hyperglycemia patients. Therefore, it is said that diabetic patients should not drink porridge. But in fact, this statement is not absolute. As long as the materials of porridge are well matched, it is also possible to drink porridge properly. For example, oats, barley, brown rice and other food materials with low blood sugar response, not only the blood sugar response is slow, but also sufficient dietary fiber and other nutrients can be added, so that the sense of fullness is stronger, which is conducive to better control of food intake.

To sum up, it is very important to achieve appropriate and appropriate. In fact, the real yangweiding is a process of comprehensive conditioning, including diet, work and rest, proper exercise, mental relaxation and medicine, etc., so multi pronged, cultivating a healthy lifestyle is the biggest health preservation method. (Lu Xiaoqin, Capital Institute of Pediatrics)

Source: responsible editor of Beijing Youth Daily: Geng Yiwen, nj6040