Can drink long life liquid live to 120 years old? Be criticized

 Can drink long life liquid live to 120 years old? Be criticized

Mr. Kong said that he and the organizer had known each other for three months. As the training course for rural doctors was coming to an end, the students planned to have a party and barbecue in a farm, and taste the soup and medicine made by the ancestral prescription that the organizer of the on-site meeting said. On November 26, out of curiosity about prescriptions, he went to the farm to meet after work. We mainly went to barbecue and party. When we arrived in the afternoon, his soup and medicine were almost cooked. We all tasted them, but we didnt come to any conclusion on that day..

Mr. Kong told Beiqing news that before arriving at the scene, he didnt know that the organizers had made the banners in the photos in advance and printed the cell phone numbers of several of them as principals. Because we are all from a training class, he has our contact information. When we arrived at the scene, we thought it was inappropriate to hang this banner and asked him to take it down. He said it didnt matter that we only discussed it in private. At that time, we didnt pay much attention.

As for the white coats on the participants in the photos, Mr. Kong said that they would like to take a group photo at the same time of the party.

After the incident attracted attention, Mr. Kong received phone calls from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Jiangsu and other places. Someone asked for Changsheng liquid and said he wanted to buy it. I was asked if his parents were not in good health and could take the longevity liquid . I explained to them one by one. It was only that at that time, some village doctors tasted it privately and didnt sell the soup or have a company to make it..

Previously, the person in charge of Binyang County Health Bureau told the media that it is OK for doctors to explore and discuss some drug effects and business issues in private, but they cannot organize profit-making activities in the name of private communication.

On the afternoon of December 3, Beiqing news reporter learned from the Publicity Department of Binyang County Party committee that, after investigation by Binyang County Health Bureau, on November 26, individual organizers invited some rural doctors to participate in internal discussion and used Chinese herbal medicine to boil liquid on site for their own trial. The pictures of the scene of the incident were uploaded to the network, causing adverse effects. The investigation shows that the activity was not approved by the administrative department, was purely an individual act, and did not cause serious social consequences. In view of the negative facts such as exaggeration in the content of the banners, Binyang County Health Bureau, through investigation and verification, has criticized and educated the relevant personnel and ordered them to make a review, and will circulate a notice of criticism to the relevant personnel in this system.

In addition, the village doctors who participated in the activity realized their mistakes and made a written review. (reporter Dai Youqing)

Source: responsible editor of Beijing Youth Daily: Geng Yiwen, nj6040