Qualcomm snapdragon 865: no 5g modem integrated

 Qualcomm snapdragon 865: no 5g modem integrated

Qualcomm has also released another new processor, snapdragon 765, which will integrate 5g modem. However, the processor performance of Xiaolong 765 is weaker than that of Xiaolong 865, which is likely to become the main processor of the next Android flagship mobile phone in 2020.

Since February, Qualcomm has said it will provide snapdragon chips with integrated 5g modems. The company even confirmed at the 2019 IFA conference that it will provide a 5g integrated snapdragon 700 series processor. But its strange that Qualcomm finally chose a weak processor as its initial product to integrate 5g modem, while at the same time, it set 5g modem as a separate component of its top flagship model, snapdragon 865.

The snapdragon 865 mobile processor will provide 5g support in a similar way to the current snapdragon 855. If the manufacturer wants the phone to support 5g, they need to use a separate 5g modem.

In the early stages of the 5g launch, it didnt seem clear. Some mid-range 5g handsets will begin to use the processor, given that the snapdragon 765 is integrated with a 5g modem. On the other hand, this means that mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung still need to add a separate modem to their high-end phones, as well as the extra space and power required for additional chips. We still need to wait for the real 5g integration solution.

As a tradition of Qualcomms annual snapdragon technology summit, the details of these two new processors will not be released until the keynote speech, but the release of the new Qualcomm processor is a big deal for mobile phone manufacturers, because almost all mainstream Android phones are using Qualcomms 800 series processor. (Chen Chen)

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of Netease Technology Report