Northeast media pay back! More than 200 people have no salary for one year! Reporters help people to take a bath after work

 Northeast media pay back! More than 200 people have no salary for one year! Reporters help people to take a bath after work

According to the public information, Jixi news media group was established on December 23, 2009 with Jixi daily, Jixi peoples Radio and Jixi TV as the main body, which belongs to the public institutions implementing enterprise management. At present, the group has developed into a comprehensive media collection with six news media as the core, including Jixi peoples radio, Jixi TV, Jixi daily, Jixi evening news, Jixi radio and TV news, and Jixi news network, with broadcasting station, transmitting station, microwave competent station, Dongfang long mobile multimedia Co., Ltd., Dongfang Ziguang Media Co., Ltd., Jixi daily press printing factory, etc Regiment.

As the director of the Publicity Department of Jixi municipal Party committee, has Jixi news media group really been unable to pay for 11 months? Whats the reason why you cant pay? How many people are affected by wage arrears? With such questions, the media contact a person in charge of Jixi news media group office. The person in charge told the media: to be exact, we havent paid wages for 12 months.

The person familiar with the matter told the media that at present, Jixi news media group has about 490 employees, about 200 of whom belong to civil servants and career divisions, and the remaining 200 are career balance and extra budgetary career divisions as well as enterprise divisions. All personnel including journalists and editors who belong to this part are in arrears.

Another staff member of Jixi radio station told the media that since 2016, the group has continued to pay wages in arrears. The most recent time to receive wages is August 2019, but only the salary in 2018 has been reissued. Up to now, the salary in 2019 has not been paid.

A reporter working in Jixi TV station also told the media that the company has owed 12 months salary. At present, editors, journalists and staff are basically working with money at their own expense, such as interviewing, traveling and using cars, all of which are not reimbursed by themselves.

In response to the situation mentioned by the people familiar with the matter above, the media contacted Yi Chunlei, vice general manager of Jixi media group, trying to confirm whether there was a back pay. I havent been to work for a long time, Yichun Lei told the media after the news showed his intention. After questioning, Yichun Lei confirmed to the media that he had heard about the situation of back pay, and mentioned that maybe they are also reforming, and then hung up on the ground of going out to do business.

According to the report quantitative research on news reading habits of Chinese netizens in 5g era released recently by the Development Strategy Research Institute of Renmin University of China, as a channel for users to get news daily, the number of users of paper media and TV has been less than one tenth, and even less than one percent of them are paper media.

Users are getting more and more information from new media channels. According to relevant statistics, the total advertising revenue of 47 newspaper groups in 2018 is 40 billion yuan, which is only equivalent to the advertising revenue of todays top 1 platform. At the same time, since 2012, the total printing volume of paper media has declined for six consecutive years. In 2015 and 2016, the decline was more than 15%, and in 2018, the decline narrowed to 8.64%. Due to the continuous decline of advertising revenue, it is difficult to maintain the operation. In recent years, more than 20 newspapers have announced the suspension of publication, and the surviving paper media are also facing the fate of page reduction and merger. In the past, the coexistence of multiple newspapers in provincial capital cities has ceased. Jixi news media group, which has a number of regional newspapers and TV stations, also faces a revenue recession.

A staff member of Jixi TV station told the media that the groups operating difficulties were greatly impacted by the new media. Nowadays, the ratings of TV and radio have declined, and many of them are out of budget expenses, so when the industry is declining, we have almost no advertising revenue.

The former head of Jixi news media group office told the media that in the face of business difficulties, Jixi media group has been proposing reforms. Before that, it had tried diversified business strategies and operated stores, but the effect was not ideal.

So for this situation, Jixi news media group now has a specific solution? For this reason, Lu Xuemin, deputy general manager and editor in chief of Jixi news media group, was contacted. Lu Xuemin first confirmed to the media that the group had not paid wages for 11 months, but said it was inconvenient to talk about it with people who had not met because of complicated reasons. Lu Xuemin then asked whether the group had a specific solution. Lu Xuemin said to the media: the (Group) will reform in the direction of media integration, and the city is also actively solving the problem.. Lu Xuemin told the media: there is a timetable, the progress is being implemented, but it is not completely in accordance with the timetable, it should be solved soon.... Later, Lu Xuemin confirmed his identity to the media again and hung up.

However, according to the understanding of the media, the groups response to the employees on back pay has always been to reform and wait for solutions, but no specific timetable has been given. Weve been talking about reform, but we havent come up with a specific solution. At present, we dont know what to do. The city also says to deal with it, but we dont know how long it will take. One group employee told the media.

The person in charge of the above-mentioned Jixi news media group office told the media: because Jixi media used to be pretty good and the treatment in all aspects was pretty good, they were basically reluctant to leave. In addition, Jixi is a small city, a city with relatively small flow and change, and its consumption is not high, so we all bear it.

Now faced with 12 months back pay, the source told the media, and even some colleagues went to help people wash their baths in order to relieve the pressure of life: young people usually rely on the help of their parents now. Some colleagues in the unit drive taxis when they get off work, and those who help people wash their baths and tutor others. They really have no ability to do small work for people on weekends, mainly By doing some part-time jobs.

According to the media, it is understood that in recent years, the situation of salary arrears in Northeast media frequently occurs. On June 11 last year, the editor and reporter of Qiqihar radio and television station once pulled a banner in front of the companys door to ask for salary. It is reported that at that time, the TV station had been in arrears for three months.

And also in June last year, Daqing daily also encountered a wage gate, it is understood that part of the employees wages were in arrears for 22 months.

With the continuous development of new media, the influence of traditional media dominated by newspapers, radio and television stations has become a general trend. However, as the main force and mouthpiece tool of national public opinion guidance, its position still cannot be replaced. Special media functions make it possible for traditional media to return to financial allocation.

As early as the 2017 NPC and CPPCC sessions, deputies from Guangdong and Zhejiang directly put forward suggestions on increasing financial support to mainstream media. At the same time, in the reform of Beijing district level media, the administrative staff of the financial media center has been included in the scope of financial allocation. Perhaps in the near future, the return of traditional media to financial allocation will become a new trend.

Source: editor in charge of media information: Zhong Qiming, nf5619