US House of Representatives announces impeachment investigation report: trump intends to endanger national security

 US House of Representatives announces impeachment investigation report: trump intends to endanger national security

President trump of the United States. Photo by Chen Meng, reporter of China News Agency

The report is 300 pages long. It details Trumps misconduct before and after the phone call with President ZELINSKY of Ukraine and how to prevent the house of representatives from impeachment investigation. The report will serve as a factual basis for the debate on whether to impeach trump.

In the foreword of the report, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Schiff, said that the presidential impeachment investigation in the past two months found that trump had asked foreign forces to intervene in the U.S. presidential election to benefit himself. Trumps approach is to put personal interests above national interests, with the intention of damaging the fairness of the US presidential election and endangering US national security.

The report does not define whether Trumps actions constitute serious crimes and misconduct, but gives detailed evidence of Trumps governments relevant practices, including the informal diplomatic channels led by Trumps private lawyer Giuliani mentioned by many witnesses at the hearing.

According to the constitution of the United States, a president in office can be impeached if there are serious crimes and misconduct.

After the report was released, White House press spokesman Grisham said Schiff and Democrats could not find evidence of the presidents misconduct. The report is more like Democrats struggling to prove their point with nonexistent evidence..

Trump, who is attending the NATO summit in London, accused Democrats of unpatriotic conduct and harm to the country in impeachment of the president.

Later that day, members of the House Intelligence Committee will vote on the report. If adopted by a vote, the report will be formally transferred to the House Judiciary Committee.

The first investigation hearing of impeachment of the president by the judicial committee of the house of Representatives is scheduled to be held on April 4. Many famous law professors will attend the hearing to discuss the constitutional basis of impeachment of the president. Trump and his lawyers have declined to attend the hearing.

In a recent call gate incident, trump, in a call with President ZELINSKY of Ukraine, asked him to investigate the son of Democratic presidential candidate Biden, and frozen military aid to Ukraine a week before the call. Affected by the incident, House Speaker Pelosi opened an impeachment investigation on September 24.

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Trump and his lawyers will not attend the impeachment hearing Wednesday (4 local time), the White House said in a letter to the House Judiciary Committee, according to US media.

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