Is there anyone in charge of the face support of huge debts? The centers out

 Is there anyone in charge of the face support of huge debts? The centers out

On December 2, Xinhua News Agency reported that the central leading group of education with the theme of never forget the original mind and keep the mission in mind issued the notice on rectifying the problems of achievements project and face project such as the over transformation of landscape lighting project.

In other words, the senior management will start to check the achievements project.

Why do you say again?

In 2014, the central government for the first time called for the suspension of performance project and image project.

According to a group of data provided by Xinhua at that time, 418 individuals were investigated and punished in 436 cases of fraud in 663 image projects and performance projects nationwide.

The case behind it

There are more cases behind one notice.

Back in 2014, many people still remember the achievements project behind the fall of senior officials, such as the Dalian Huabiao when Bo Xilai took charge of Dalian, and the one big four small afforestation project promoted by Su Rong, former Secretary of Jiangxi provincial Party committee in Jiangxi.

It was disclosed that at that time, in order to cope with the surprise inspection in the province, some places in Jiangxi had been built overnight. Some freeway green belt width is not up to standard, had to pave the soil on the asphalt road on both sides of the road, insert the saplings.

u25b3 in order to cope with the inspection, small trees without roots are planted on the roadside in Jiangxi Province (picture from China Economic Weekly)

Wan Qingliang, the tiger in Guangdong, is even derided as the God of planning by the outside world.

According to public information, wanqingliangs criticized projects include the excavation of the great lakes at the top of the mountain and the construction of 100m Avenue in the mountain. After he took charge of Guangzhou, he planned to build nine new towns successively. The total planned area of the new town alone is close to 800 square kilometers, which exceeds the land area of Singapore and the area of downtown Shanghai.

The high level also paid close attention to this.

In December 2013, the Ministry of the CPC Central Committee issued the notice on improving the performance evaluation of local party and government leading groups and leading cadres, which mentioned that the government debt should be taken as an important indicator of performance evaluation, and the evaluation, audit and accountability of the debt situation during the term of office should be strengthened, so as to prevent the rush for success and blind debt raising for performance engineering.

Carp leaps over the dragons gate and No.1 water conservancy building in the world

Some readers may ask why the central government should focus on rectification this time?

It is mentioned in the above noticeu2014u2014

In recent years, it has been found in the construction of cities and towns in some places, especially in the poor and underdeveloped areas, that the blind construction of landscape lighting facilities and the performance project and face project which are out of practice have not only resulted in the waste of national financial and social resources, but also contributed to the bad atmosphere of fraud and extravagance.

Focus on poverty-stricken and underdeveloped areas.

Compared with 2014, the achievements project and face project exposed in this period are more concentrated at the grass-roots level.

In the past, Hancheng, Shaanxi Province, was notified by the whole country for its 190 million yuan liyuyuelongmen project, and in the later, Dushan, Guizhou Province, borrowed nearly 200 million yuan to build the No.1 water conservancy building in the world.

u25b3 Hancheng, Shaanxi

u25b3 Dushan, Guizhou

Behind every achievements project, there is often an official with great achievements.

For example, pan Zhili (former Secretary of Dushan county Party committee of Guizhou Province), who is behind the No.1 Water Department building in the world. Despite the fact that Dushan countys annual fiscal revenue is less than 1 billion yuan, pan Zhili blindly borrowed nearly 200 million yuan to build image projects and performance projects such as the No.1 water conservancy building in the world, the report said. When pan Zhili was removed, Dushan county had debts of more than 40 billion yuan, and most of the financing costs exceeded 10%.

Turning to public reports, pan Zhili is not a case in point.

In Foshan Public Security Bureau of Guangdong Province, there is a female deputy director Yao Xirong.

This 70 year old female public security officer knows that the heat map project he is responsible for lacks real-time data and technical support and cannot be applied to actual combat. She also insists on illegal project approval, procurement and construction. During the construction process, she instructs her subordinates to import other non real-time data into the heat map software system, so that after the heat map project is completed, the main functions of real-time human flow analysis to assist police cannot be realized Realize and hide the truth from the superior.

In Rucheng, Hunan Province, there is also a face loving female county Party Secretary Fang Nanling.

According to the official disclosure, Rucheng County Party committee and the county government borrowed blindly, resulting in the comprehensive debt ratio of 274%, 285.74% and 336% respectively from 2015 to 2017, rising year by year, ranking first in Hunan Province.

Since 2008, the county has built 11 square parks, 26 municipal road projects, and 10 office buildings in violation of regulations. Almost half of the money has been spent on urban development and urban construction, while less than 6% has been spent on cultivating financial resources and promoting industrial development! The construction of Ailian square alone costs more than 48 million yuan.

u25b3 Ailian square

Prevent one demolition during rectification

The Central Committees notice said that leading bodies and leading cadres at all levels, especially municipal and county Party committees, government leading bodies and leading cadres, should thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinpings new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, conscientiously study and understand the important exposition of general secretary Xi Jinpings never forget the original mind and remember the mission, bear in mind the mission of the beginning, fulfill the purpose of serving the people, and firmly establish the right. Achievements view.

According to the current situation and financial level of local economic development, we should do what we can to promote urban construction and various undertakings, and put our financial resources into the areas where development and peoples livelihood are in urgent need..

Generally speaking, do as you can.

The next question is how to change it. The Circular of the Central Committee mentions the following:

Necessary lightening projects can be carried out, but they should be based on reality.

Local Party committees and governments at all levels should carry out comprehensive investigation and rectification.

The municipal and county Party committees and government leading groups should put themselves in, and strictly carry out the rectification work.

There is also a very important sentence: for the completed and under construction landscape lighting projects, it is necessary to classify and guide them so as to prevent them from being demolished in the process of rectification and not to cause new waste. The central steering group, the central patrol steering group and the patrol steering groups at all levels shall strengthen supervision and guidance, supervise and rectify the existing problems in a standardized manner, and prevent deviation.