U.S. House of Representatives passes Xinjiang related bill foreign ministry: deliberate slander and wanton smear

 U.S. House of Representatives passes Xinjiang related bill foreign ministry: deliberate slander and wanton smear

The problems related to Xinjiang are not human rights, nationality and religion at all, but anti terrorism and anti secession. Xinjiang once suffered from extremism and terrorism. In the face of the severe situation, the government of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, in accordance with the law, has cracked down on terrorist activities and attached great importance to source control, including actively pushing in the work of extremism, and constantly promoting economic development, national unity and social harmony and stability. These measures ensure that there has not been a terrorist attack in Xinjiang in three years. They are generally supported by 25 million people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, and they have also made positive contributions to the cause of global counter-terrorism.

The international community has generally made positive comments on the policies of the Chinese government. Since the end of 2018, more than 1000 people, including more than 70 national and regional officials, international organizations, news media, religious groups, experts and scholars, have visited Xinjiang. They praised Xinjiangs experience in anti-terrorism and de extreme work for reference. In March this year, the Council of foreign ministers of the organization of Islamic cooperation adopted a resolution appreciating Chinas efforts to care for the Muslim people. In July, more than 50 permanent representatives to Geneva jointly sent letters to the president of the United Nations Human Rights Council and the High Commissioner for human rights, in which they spoke highly of Chinas respect for and protection of human rights in the work of counter-terrorism and de radicalization. In October, more than 60 countries spoke enthusiastically during the third committee meeting of the 74th session of the general assembly, praising the great progress of human rights in Xinjiang, China. All these strongly prove that the U.S. sides taking Xinjiang related issues as an article is totally against the facts and the mainstream public opinion of the international community.

We would like to warn the United States that the affairs in Xinjiang belong to Chinas internal affairs and cannot be interfered by any foreign country. The U.S. bill deliberately discredits Chinas counter-terrorism and de radicalization measures, which will only further expose its double standards on counter-terrorism, and will only let the Chinese people further see its hypocrisy and sinister intentions.

The Chinese government and people are unswervingly determined to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests. It is absolutely impossible for the United States to use Xinjiang related issues to instigate Chinas national relations, undermine Xinjiangs prosperity and stability, and curb Chinas development and growth. We advise the US side to immediately correct its mistakes, prevent the above-mentioned Xinjiang related laws from becoming law, and stop using Xinjiang related issues to interfere in Chinas internal affairs. China will make further response according to the development of the situation.

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