Facebooks voice to antitrust: dont think of data as a commodity like oil

 Facebooks voice to antitrust: dont think of data as a commodity like oil

A comprehensive report by surging journalist Wang Qifan

Facebook recently sent a message to regulators: dont think of data as a simple commodity like oil.

On December 2, according to foreign media reports, Nick Clegg, Facebooks vice president of global affairs and communication, said on the same day that officials of antitrust agencies should be cautious, not treat data like other monopoly goods, but consider the complexity of data preservation and sharing.

We think its worth thinking deeply about the attitude toward data, Clegg said Clegg said that when relevant agencies consider the competition pattern in the field of data, they need to redefine the old concept and stop classifying data and other limited resources. Some resources are non renewable, but data is not.

At present, technology companies including Facebook and Google are subject to increasingly strict antitrust investigations in Europe and the United States. In the United States, both the Department of justice and the Federal Trade Commission are investigating the two companies. EU antitrust agencies are also investigating how Google and Facebook use user data to serve their advertisers, the Wall Street Journal quoted an EU spokesman as saying.

As part of the survey, people from relevant institutions have conducted a questionnaire survey with competitors and business partners of Google and Facebook, such as advertising agents, publishers and application developers, according to people familiar with the survey.

According to Reuters, the investigation is at an early stage, and Google will face another sky high ticket if it turns out that it has behaved improperly. The European Union has fined Google three times in three years, bringing the total fine to 8.2 billion euros, after nearly a decade of investigations into its shopping behavior, Android rules and advertising dominance.

A Google spokesman responded, we use data to improve the quality of our services and provide more targeted advertising content, while users also have the right to manage, delete and transfer data. Google spokesman also added that the company has always kept in touch with relevant EU institutions.

Clegg declined to respond to a specific survey, but said he was actively cooperating with the survey and believed the measures taken could help small advertisers grow and develop.

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of surging news