Look silly! When a frog vomits, it spits out its stomach and then swallows it back

 Look silly! When a frog vomits, it spits out its stomach and then swallows it back

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Speaking of nausea and vomiting, it was a very uncomfortable experience. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, emesis and vomiting are different. Generally speaking, some things are called emesis, some things are silent called emesis, and others are called retching. Vomiting and vomiting often occur at the same time, it is difficult to separate, so it is also called vomiting. There are many reasons for vomiting, including pathological and foreign stimulus.

Vomiting has become a survival skill

Vomiting is a complex reflex action and an instinct of human body. Vomiting can reverse the outflow of the stomach and part of the small intestine from the mouth through the esophagus, and discharge the harmful substances into the stomach, so as to play a favorable protective role. Although the taste of vomiting is not good, compared with frogs and some animals, our vomiting seems less painful.

The researchers found that if a frog eats toxic or dangerous insects, it cant spit out the contents of its stomach like humans. Instead, they spit out the whole stomach. Although it looks terrible, it is a very practical survival skill.

This is called total valgus, which is a bit like flipping a pocket. Frogs use their forelegs to wipe their stomachs around their mouths to remove any food left in their stomachs. Then they swallow their stomachs back into their bodies as if nothing had happened. This process is usually very fast and takes only 0.3 seconds.

Some animals dont learn to vomit, others are stronger

In fact, frogs are not the only animals that dont vomit, as are horses, rabbits and mice, which is one of the reasons why rat drugs are so effective. There are also some animals with the same talent as frogs to spit out the whole stomach, but there are also some animals that do more too much than frogs.

For sharks, bones, feathers, tortoise shells and other things that should not be eaten must be expelled through stomach valgus. If sharks use this ability when they feel at risk, they will vomit the contents of their stomachs. Empty bellied sharks can swim faster to safety. Even some greedy sharks vomit their food so that they can eat more.

Sea cucumbers can also spit out long intestines. They are not for detoxification, but as a means of self-defense. The guts they eject are used to haunt and frighten predators. If necessary, sea cucumbers can even cut off their intestines by dividing themselves when they run away. The intestines of sea cucumber grow very fast, so they seem to have no loss.

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