Eating goods group specialized in rolling e-commerce: providing fake services to students

 Eating goods group specialized in rolling e-commerce: providing fake services to students

The secret of food in QQ group. All the pictures in this article are of Zhuang an, a surging journalist

A group called professional foodies is active in the mouth world. Their characteristic is that after receiving the goods sent by the merchants, they apply for refund only and intimidate the merchants to refund and eat the goods for various reasons.

Surging news (www.thepaper. CN) found that the mouth of professional food is often the rules set by e-commerce, takeout and other Internet platforms based on the principle of good faith to maintain the market order in favor of buyers, through interviewing many victims and undercover QQ groups.

Compared with professional claims, professional food does not need cost or much professional knowledge, so it is called 0. Nowadays, this new power of the rolling industry, which has no threshold, has also developed a black and gray industry chain that teaches the method of eating goods and sells personal information and makes fake certificates.

A large part of the food group walking on the edge of touch law is the students after 00. All kinds of rolling goods and teaching links, like viruses, pull people, get on the car, refund and eat goods in the world of QQ group.

Senior players talk about their lives in the world of rolling.

Underworld protection fee

After the double 11, Yangyang (pseudonym), the seller who opened a shop on the e-commerce platform to sell daily necessities and had satisfied sales volume, was not happy. So far, she has continued to process refund only applications. These applications add up to 120. After communicating with the buyer, she realized that she was suffering from professional food.

She remembers that the trouble first happened in the late night of the day just after the double 11, a two-star trumpet came up to me and said that after observation, he had noticed that the sales volume of my shop was good and asked me to give him a sum of money. If I dont give it, as long as he waves, my product link will not be guaranteed. Yangyang said, its like the feeling of collecting protection fees on the underworld.

Yangyang did not respond to each others boring demands. And the other side only lost a word, the boss even though the delivery, I come to eat.

In the next few days, Yangyangs products suddenly received 13 refund only applications. These are only refund applications for reasons of counterfeit brands, quality issues and others. This surprised Yangyang. After several years of sales, the average monthly refund application is only one. How did a batch of them come out suddenly?

Yangyang said that the cup she sold in her shop was a famous brand she bought from a regular business. Compared with the official website price of the product, what she earns is the information difference between the incoming and the delivered goods.

Surging news noted that on the e-commerce platform where Yangyang is located, there are 10 reasons for applying for refund when the goods have been received. In addition to the above three categories, there are also descriptions such as wrong shooting / bad effect / dislike, size discrepancy, rough / defective workmanship, color / style / model discrepancy, wrong delivery by the seller, rare / damaged / deformed goods received, etc.

Their so-called trick is that I cant provide the official authorized sales certificate or the quality inspection report of the product. Yangyang said that she herself is also a buyer, obviously unable to provide. She asked the other party to return the goods to her for a refund, but the tone of the other party was very hard, the goods will not be returned, if you understand, you will return the money to me. If you do not return, I have various ways to complain about you, to the platform, consumer associations, complaints about your product quality is not qualified.

Three days later, the uncompromising ocean suffered a disaster of extinction - her product link was removed from the shelves.

Yangyang had to rush from Shanghai to Hangzhou to discuss the platform headquarters. After communicating with the platform staff, Yangyang learned that her products were urgently offline due to a large number of complaints in a short period of time. By providing detailed documents, Yangyangs commodity links have been restored, but the store links have been offline, the funds have been frozen, the time and energy costs paid to prove the legal sales, etc., which are irreparable. Yangyang said she heard that many sellers generally choose to compromise when encountering her situation.

By combing the chat records with these refund buyers, Yang Yang found that he met a group of powerful professional foodies. On the day after double 11, he came to big and he wanted money. Now the returned goods are small and they want goods. Behind the small is the organized wool party, while the big is the senior management and leadership.

Yangyangs encounter is not a special case. On September 17 and October 9, 2019, up main Lei Lei (pseudonym) of station B also narrated his similar experience. He sells good source earphones on the e-commerce platform. Because the price is more than half cheaper than the official website, he is targeted by the professional foodie, saying that his goods must be fake, asking him to return the money. If he doesnt return, he will let his shop dead link.

Lei Lei cant think, a headset will earn you tens of dollars, and you cheat others tens of thousands of dollars. Doesnt your conscience hurt? He recorded the whole process of communication with foodie. The other side said, Ill give it to a group, and Ill teach you how to do it.

QQ group within the food link.

Everything can be done

Through a clue, surging journalists have joined more than ten online groups of foodies. In these groups, an active world of mouth rolling is fully displayed.

The number of these groups is eight or nine hundred, and the number of them is close to the upper limit of 3000. Group members are free to come and go, and the main speaker is Administrator. The administrator displayed all kinds of spoils, such as shoes in the back compartment, a pile of cotton padded clothes, coats, pants, etc. In addition to the above items, there are socks, underpants, schoolbags, shoes, earphones, rechargers, hats, messenger bags and so on. All in all, everything can be done, said an administrator.

From time to time, the administrator will display the refund records of the merchants in his mobile phone to show the powerful strength of the company, and with voice, money is so easy to earn. Some even send their own QQ spatial links, and the bottom of the graphic display above specially indicates that an e-commerce platform Samsung Galaxy a8s (black) under refund only .

The administrators purpose of showing these is to collect apprentices and cousins. The original price of the apprentice is 588 yuan. Todays special price is 288 yuan. The original price of the cousin is 688 yuan. Todays special price is 388 yuan. There is also a box of stomach power. One administrator said. Students and cousins are interested in group receiving 200 + ideas in one day.

In the field of eating and rolling stock, the name of rolling stock is get on, the name of rolling stock is get off, the name of rolling stock is roll over, and even repair.

In several groups with nearly full staff, the administrator will send some documents to reflect the strength of the master. Such as a platform 10 times compensation, hungry compensation ideas and so on. There are different methods for different platforms.

The surging news opens a detailed course of eating goods. According to the current playing method and the old method, eating goods is also divided into two categories. The current methods include looking for (store) price fraud, such as (store said) the last day, how much is the order now, good reviews and cash back, restoring the original price tomorrow, (if not restoring the original price) is price fraud.

The course also lists the articles of law used -- Articles 8 and 12 of the anti unfair competition law, saying that the meaning of articles of law is violation of the principle of good faith, violation of recognized business standards, is a serious act of unfair competition.

The old way of eating is similar to what Yang Yang and Lei Lei described. The method used before the double 11 is now out of date. First, confirm which brand has a logo, and the credentials should be sufficient. Arbitrage (set brand); price difference (the same product number and different price); defects (positive and negative logo color, smell, workmanship, thread opening, thread end, glue overflow); two-dimensional code; link drying risk; invoice category I, ask the seller to take the authorized purchase small ticket category, and find the customer service to report and request the goods off the shelf.

Finally, the method concludes: the more evidence, the more stable the vehicle gets off.. The indestructible link is the lack of evidence. Some silly x report scripts are just like playing games. Its useless to say a lot of flattering words for a long time. The key point is none, and a flaw is useless to say a lot of bullshit.

Surging news notes that link risk is a high-level slang of foodie groups.

There are also foodie group documents explaining what is risk control. Risk control is that this commodity is suspected of risk and is forced off the shelf, which shows that this commodity does not exist. There are several points to report risk control commodity: 1. Fake goods 2. Merchants swipe the bill 3. False transactions. Refund in seconds.

Surging news found that this is to protect the rights and interests of buyers, to prevent sellers from selling fake and dishonest behavior of the platform rules, but by eating people make full use of.

Another risk control explanation document lists two ways for sellers to have risk control. First, manually, since we want the platform to screen this store, we need to increase the reporting rate of this store, so we need to make a link. If the same store has been in the screening state for many times, the store will become risk control in a few days, and you can directly apply for a refund. The other is automatic That kind of shop, direct purchase on the line, basic you goods arrived, the shop will fall into the state of risk screening.

At the end of the article, the commentator also noted a special reminder, dont spread it outside, a risk control idea may be able to train you into a refund eater.

In the QQ group, age and native place of group members. Webpage Screenshot

He who knows knows knows

According to the various methods shared by foodie groups, senior experts also introduced how to use script to compromise sellers.

For example, if you are shopping on an e-commerce platform, look for those with high sales volume to buy less, one for one, two for one, negotiate and make a phone call, in other words, euphemism, and make money with harmony, indicating quality problems. What are the problems? What about the certificates? What about the punishment of 50 fake goods in the quality law. You are a fake. Dont report it to me. Deal with it. (store) if you have a strong attitude, you will send the goods to the headquarters for identification, and then you will be fined 10 for one leave.

These experienced foodies are familiar with the skill of linking. If you link and find customer service complaints, there will be an early warning of disputes, asking the seller to deal with them in an urgent manner, which will have an impact on his shop. Then you can tell him the situation, add words skills, and then you can give him a step down, saying that its not easy to do business. Just give him a refund. Withdraw the complaint, 5 stars praise, I will not come later, he will understand

Finally, the professors also stressed that some e-commerce platforms mainly rely on negotiation and scare sellers. If the complaint is successful, the link will die, but it is suggested to negotiate well, go to customer service to cancel it, and there is no rollover.

Surging news notes that in order to make sure not to roll over. Some eat, even beyond the rules of the platform mouth. For example, in a return course for an e-commerce platform, the professor said, the kind identified by Mrs. mai (sent to the identification center) can be changed from a civet cat to a prince to earn a fidelity.. The specific way is to mail non goods, send empty packages to the seller, or purchase fake logistics information.

And in hungry compensation idea, the food industry food, not only eat, but also earn.

The professor introduced the specific words: I bought XX dishes in XX store on X, and found half of them were abnormal, and my tongue was cut with blood, so I found the broken glass slag in XX dishes, which is quite unpleasant. Now I ask the insurance company to refund one for ten according to law.

Here, professors are very clear about the two mouths of the law and the platform to protect consumers. First, the hungry dishes are insured by the insurance company. Second, according to the food safety law, if a consumer suffers damage due to a food that does not meet the food safety standards, he may require the operator to pay ten times the price or three times the loss; if the amount of increased compensation is less than 1000 yuan, it is 1000 yuan.

But in this document, the professors also remind them that you can buy a few yuan glass drink or sea buckthorn juice without glass, you can pay 1000 yuan directly for 100 yuan for that kind of Canned Rice cover, the insurance company doesnt care about your hundreds of yuan for tens of thousands of bills every day.

Surging news noted that in all kinds of QQ groups, from time to time there are open proof business QQ groups come in to advertise. Reporters randomly joined a group of hundreds of people, the group announcement is, professional acceptance of fake identification, sending empty bags on behalf of others, express bottom sheet, express proof, express intranet information, hospital proof, court indictment, public security report receipt, public security cancellation certificate, brand authorization, receiving various red seal proof. The group members displayed the false certificates they had made, such as empty bag Zhongtong, canadian goose clothes, and the false alarm receipt printed by a local public security bureau. Open proof business seems to be very busy, urgent fee 8 yuan..

However, in other documents, there are also senior foodie experts to remind, dont touch empty bags, dont make false proofs, its not a fake fight.

A document entitled Introduction to anti counterfeiting process divides anti counterfeiting into online anti counterfeiting and ground anti counterfeiting, and points out that Internet anti counterfeiting requires specific learning laws, such as advertising law, consumer protection law, civil procedure law, food safety law and product quality law. Its no problem to eat through these laws every month. Its still very fast to learn while watching.

However, in line with the purpose of not overturning the car to get on the food people, how to understand these scripts and tutorials?

People who understand naturally understand, you understand, said the voice of an advertisement receiver in a QQ group of foodies on the evening of November 30.

In another QQ group, the administrator keeps playing brainwashing voice, it doesnt need you to invest, it doesnt need you to input ID card, its very simple, its so simple.. There is no guarantee that there will be fifty or sixty thousand a month, twenty or three thousand a month.

The players brainwashed the student party in the group.

Mostly after 90 and after 00

Zero cost, zero starting point, professional food is lower than professional anti-counterfeiting. For this reason, the masters purposefully recruited students from the student party, its very suitable for your students. I know you dont have much capital. I know its not easy for students. Im also a student.

The above-mentioned live broadcast in QQ group introduces the masters who have the experience of cracking down on fake eating goods, all of whom have a tender voice. One group of lecturers claimed to be a student. He was only 17 years old this year. When his family was poor and didnt play the Internet, he opened a small shop in the dormitory to sell snacks. Earn one or two hundred a week, enough to spend money in school. Later, I worked as a waiter in a fast-food restaurant. I was sweating every day in summer vacation. I was busy all day and got 85 yuan a day Then later, after playing in the world of rolling, I have been playing until now. I cant say how to make money. Anyway, its better than the first two. I remember that I was so excited when I entered 10000 yuan for the first time. Now I also sell goods at ordinary times, play with refund and compensation.

In QQ group, the teacher also exposed several pictures of mobile phones on textbooks to prove his identity as a student.

After the lecturer offered to accept the apprentice, another administrator, who called himself the founder of XX, said, this apprentice is very cost-effective. If you think my apprentice is high, you can find my apprentice. The strength is also very stable.

A chat with friends posted by the administrator is: Im a student, dont know anything and dont touch the network to learn? Reply: yes..

According to the feedback of getting off in the sun, almost all of these goods are commonly used by the post-90s, post-00s and other young people. In the group members profile of more than ten QQ food groups, the post-90s and post-00s occupy the absolute main force.

Yangyang told the surging news that in many communications, she learned that most of the professional foodies were post-90s and Post-00 young people. She sorted out the receiving addresses of 13 people and found that they were mainly concentrated in 7 provinces in the central and western regions. The receiving addresses of 10 of 13 people were displayed as XX University, XX middle school, XX technical school and XX college.

Schools usually have a unified express storage point, they dont even need to provide a clear address, they can eat the goods. Yang Yang introduced that the accounts of some buyers are obviously the small numbers that have just been registered for several months, or even the numbers that have just been bought that day dare to use. When the foodies threatened her, the QQ group screenshot provided showed that their so-called leaders claimed to have several Gs identity information. In other words, they can sign up for an account at any time to eat. Even if they blackmail their accounts, they dont have to take any responsibility.

Lei Lei said that he had been ruined by professional foodie and was unwilling to sell low-cost genuine headphones on the Internet. In a group of eaters, some members sent the video of Lei Lei berating eating. The group leader only replied two words: what to be afraid of.

From time to time, the administrators of the food group release all kinds of chicken soup. One of the letters wrote a paragraph to the student party said, I understand that you have more than one thousand yuan a month to live on, and there is no extra money at your disposal. I also know that you have a heart that wants to go out for a walk. Im more embarrassed to ask my parents for money. I also understand that the jobs you can find now, such as fighting against counterfeits, are also some hard work with high workload and low salary. So, I sincerely hope you can try it. It has low threshold, small investment and zero risk. It makes pocket money by playing games and reading novels after school. It makes you self-sufficient before you graduate. .

Administrator added: I believe that all the people who come to visit teachers are the choices of successful people.

With the coming of winter, the brainwashing language is also launched in real time in the food group: its cold to add clothes, and you can find me when you arrive, New Years day, last years truck.

It is worth mentioning that the group of foodies is not confident in their group chat content, and occasionally send some words or pictures of supporting Tencents net action and socialist core values to swipe the screen in case of blocking the group.

After encountering eating goods, Lei Lei sneaks into a QQ group of eating goods. He is worried to see the group of eating goods receiving apprentices, teaching, making links, and showing off the room full of loot. The age structure of these QQ groups shows that more than 50% of them are students after 00. I cant imagine how this will affect their lives.

In the process of making fake, the handler of the certificate in the group.

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of surging news