Russia wants to install its own software on the iPhone Apple: never accept it

 Russia wants to install its own software on the iPhone Apple: never accept it

It house on December 4 news on December 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a new law requiring all smartphones, personal computers and smart TVs sold in the country to be pre installed with software developed by local technology companies, which will take effect in July next year.

It is reported that if the relevant enterprises violate the law, they will face a fine of 200000 rubles (equivalent to 22000 yuan). If they violate the law many times, the government regulatory authorities will prohibit the sale of products in the Russian market. Supporters of the law say it will help Russian developers compete better with foreign technology companies, and the legislation is aimed at keeping consumers from downloading software after buying new devices.

Some e-retailers objected to the law, saying it was passed without consulting them. The law has also raised concerns in the industry that it could allow some technology companies to withdraw from the Russian market.

Russian media reported that earlier this year, apple threatened to withdraw from the Russian market if it banned all sales of its products without pre installed applications. It is unclear how Apple will respond to the news.

According to reports, an apple source, who asked not to be named, told the businessperson: the authorization to add a third-party application to the apple ecosystem is equivalent to prison break. This will constitute a security threat and the company will not tolerate such dangerous acts.

According to the Moscow Times, the Russian government will draw up a list of software that technology companies need to install in advance, as well as a list of devices covered by the law, which are expected to include computers, tablets and smart TVs, as well as mobile phones.

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