University is a plastic surgery school, freshman and senior, two people

 University is a plastic surgery school, freshman and senior, two people

What kind of magic does university bring about such a big change in peoples beauty?

Soil flavor, every students middle school footnote

Open your QQ space, yes, its the QQ space with black history everywhere. Look at the photos of your junior high school or even senior high school, you will find that I was so ugly at that time?

Take a look at the group photo with others, you can take a long breath. It doesnt matter. Everyone is almost the same.

For example, most of the girls in middle school are combing high ponytail with big forehead, or banger head.

Girls with high ponytail and boys with inch heads are the standard match for the school

A thick cover of bangs, even the ancient spirit of Zhou Dongyu, also appears dead.

What magic does Qi Liu Hai have? Even when the director portrays the image of Chinese middle school students, he must not forget Qi Liuhais figure.

There is also the school uniform, a big killer. Large area of high-purity color matching + elastic pants + loose big coat, dont mention the beauty, cover the head, it may be men or women, cant see.

We only have time to study hard. We cant think about beauty

Its clear that everyone looks good when they put on the clothes with the right layout. The school has to wear them uniformly or design them casually. Basically, they are all white and blue, green and red uniforms.

On May 24, 2012, in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, students are taking the simulation test. They are all wearing wide uniforms, boys are cutting their heads and girls are wearing simple ponytails

Its not easy to wait for the holiday. The depressed nature of beauty loving of middle school students has been over liberated.

Good looking is not the most important thing. The most important thing is I am different from when I was in school.

The girl put on the puffed cake skirt with N layers of yarn, and hung a large wool ball and diamond ornament on her mobile phone and schoolbag. As for black and white? Im sorry, how can such a plain color match Ben u00b7 popular love u00b7 flower see flower bloom u00b7 car see tyre burst u00b7 flower season girl?

Boys up polo shirt collar, as if they are struggle in Tong Dawei.

The half standing collar is the true portrayal of many boys clothes

The girls also moved their hair. Its not easy to change the lid of the pot, but you can bring all kinds of hair bands!

There are all kinds of hair bands, which are necessary for a middle school girls life after class. Bows are necessary, and the bigger the hoops, the better

On Earth, no one is afraid of middle school students, but seriously than dress up, Chinese middle school students still have to bow to the wind.

Look at the high school girls in Korea. No matter whether they go to school or not, they must have special make-up bags with them. As for cosmetics, it also comes from air cushion, foundation to eye shadow and blush.

Makeup bag carried by a first grade girl in a middle school in South Korea in 2016

There are even teenage girls who have become YouTube beauty bloggers, and they are quite skilled in making up.

The beauty loving nature of girls exists at all stages / YouTube

In most Chinese schoolbags, books are essential, but even lipsticks can not be turned out.

When I was a kid, I carried a bag that was bigger than myself. How could it be beautiful

Used in the face, but also only a dozen bottles of baby cream, repair, highlight Dont talk about it. I havent heard of it.

It turns out that we have lost in the starting line in the event of beauty.

Go to university, Im in town

After college, the girls who love beauty finally see the hope.

Not only got rid of the high school teachers head to toe jurisdiction, many girls, but also came to the big city.

Some people take the college students who enrolled in 2009 as the research object, and take 17 colleges and universities nationwide as the research samples. It is found that 58.4% of 2914 students come from rural areas [1].

Chinese universities, on the other hand, are mostly concentrated in big cities in developed regions. There are 2688 general schools in China, among which Jiangsu, Guangdong and Shandong are the top three universities, and Jiangsu Province even has 167 [2].

This means that from high school to university, many people have realized the transformation from small town to big city.

UNIQLO, which is common in big cities, is rare in other cities, let alone other high-end brands

The extent to which fashion and popular resources are concentrated in large cities is beyond many peoples imagination.

UNIQLO, for example, is already the standard for every mall in a big city, and is often ridiculed as the wardrobe of straight male programmers. But outside the big cities, UNIQLO is a fashion brand that cant be expected.

Like universities, love is clustered in UNIQLO, the provincial capital city. There are only a few in the third tier cities, not to mention other places.

For example, in Heilongjiang Province, apart from Harbin, only Daqing and Qiqihar have a single seedling left.

In other words, many girls cant see UNIQLO now, but back to junior high school, UNIQLO name is just a legend.

Even if you were born in a big city, you are likely to go to a first tier city when you go to university.

On September 2, 2018, Beijing attracted waves of young people in the bustling Sanlitun business district

Especially for the students who have been admitted to good universities, in 2019, the top 100 universities in China rank 37% of the top 100 universities in the three cities of Guangbei.

From the countryside to the city, from the small city to the provincial capital and then to beishangguang, there will be more opportunities to contact the popularity.

Take a beauty brand in South Korea as an example. Of the 56 physical stores in China, except for 3 in Changsha, the rest are distributed in the first tier or quasi first tier cities, especially beishangguang [5].

On February 1, 2011, Beijing shopping center, cosmetics counter and all kinds of brands you havent seen

The beauty shop in the mall is the best training ground for beauty knowledge. Although many girls are fond of 999 and 405, they often blame their boyfriends for their straight eyes, only the death Barbie powder.

A few years back, in the world of girls in junior and senior high schools, lipstick is the color of lipstick. I have never heard of rubywoo, and I dont know what chili means except pepper.

That is to say, after going to university, I learned to identify bean sand color, Grapefruit color and rotten Tomato Color in the color test and grass planting of shopping malls.

On September 16, 2016, in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, customers tried high-grade cosmetics by the counter sister service in a shopping mall

In other words, to go to a good university means not only high-quality learning resources, but also more resources and ways for learning bullies to become beautiful.

Walking on the way to Beijing University, you will find that the shopping centers of Beijing University, Beijing Forestry University and China University of Geosciences, such as xinzhongguan, oumeihui, Wudaokou, Shengxi 8, are not far from home.

Tsinghua University is also close to Zhongguancun business district outside the west gate, and Wudaokou shopping mall is just outside the east south gate. The subway line 4 at the school gate also goes directly to Xidan.

Of course, if your university is located in the suburbs, your road to beauty will be rough.

Take Shanghai as an example, search East China Normal University. There are 3404 results related to eating, drinking, playing and playing in the north campus. Going out is the global port that has been listed as the shopping mall of Shanghai in 2019.

Besides the poor other colleges and universities around Minhang campus, they are convenience stores.

It is worthy of my min Dahuang.

Love is a required course for college students to become beautiful

In college, boys and girls finally take off the hat of early love, can love freely.

According to the growth tracking data of college students in Beijing, 38.25% of the female college students in Beijing were in love from 2009 to 2012, with an average of 1.59 times [6

On October 11, 2012, at the campus of Hubei University of economics, many boys and girls began to dress up to fall in love

People who dont fall in love are also thinking about falling in love. According to the survey on the emotional state of college students in 2017 by Mycos, 68% of the single people in school have the intention to get rid of the single [7].

It can be said that there are almost two kinds of people in the University, those who are in love and those who intend to.

And the longer you stay in college, the less single you are, and the more anxious you are.

According to the survey of 2008 grade college students in Beijing, in the first year of college, only 28.2% of them fell in love, while in the fourth year of college, 42.6% of them fell in love.

Its no wonder that so many people are eager to look good.

Chen Turing, who graduated from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, has attracted attention because of his pure and lovely appearance / Google

The same survey of students in Beijing found that, compared with girls with normal figure, the thin girls have higher love rate, while the fat girls have less chance.

The research on the emotional state of people who are afraid of being fat also found that six adults are single or in love, and the unmarried people who are afraid of being fat are nearly three times as many as the married people [9].

In order to love more happily, losing weight has naturally become the choice of many college students.

Boys always run or play basketball in the playground to keep fit

The influence of appearance is not small. The research of Shanghai Normal University shows that compared with the personality characteristics of lovers, appearance characteristics can attract more attention of college students [10].

If the appearance is not good enough, the best way is to make up before using the beauty map.

A study of newlyweds found that the common way for brides to attract bridegroom is to dress up, such as make-up, put on jewelry, and put on fashionable clothes [11].

Before falling in love, the girls may only mix with the ghost livestock area of station B; after falling in love, the head changing video of the beauty blogger appears in their own collection list.

Pony, a famous beauty blogger, teaches you how to change Taylor Swift / YouTube in seconds

As soon as the beauty is deep, the purse is a passer-by. The girl who just went to university may call it make-up to draw an eyebrow and paint a lip gloss, catch up with the party, and borrow the cosmetics of her classmates.

Even if I borrow a lot of cosmetics, I dont know how to use the make-up eggs and brush at all.

Only after I have done my homework can I know:

The first step of the original makeup is skin care, skin care must remember to apply sunscreen;

If you wear sunscreen, you have to isolate it and isolate it.

When you choose the foundation, you should divide the skin and use the make-up eggs.

Before you draw your eye shadow, you should also remember the bottom of the eye. The eyes are deep and the eyes are bright.

There are also highlights, slim face All right, stop it.

Its no wonder that girls who fall in love with each other have become a lot more beautiful after so much hard work on make-up.

Even if its natural to look good, theres a big difference between makeup and no makeup / YouTube blogger Yuko Kan

Even single dogs, with little sisters in love, will unconsciously produce the pressure of becoming beautiful.

An experiment of a college student in Xian shows that having beautiful same-sex friends is easier for girls to have a sense of crisis, forcing them to make more efforts to improve their beauty [12].

Even if I havent met my favorite boy yet, can I see that my roommate has started to distribute dog food every day without any pressure to become beautiful?

Fuzhu, who never cleans herself at ordinary times, specially puts on a beautiful butterfly tie to see her boyfriend, and also spreads lipstick / jinfuzhu, a weight lifting goblin

This may explain the Universitys plastic surgery effect, always a bedroom a bedroom appearance. After all, your little sister cleans up every day to see her boyfriend. You may be embarrassed to go out to class without combing your head or washing your face.

So, ask a hard question, have you become beautiful in college? Have you taken off the list?


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