Liu Guoliangs interpretation of the first Council of Table Tennis Association: laying the foundation for complete decoupling

 Liu Guoliangs interpretation of the first Council of Table Tennis Association: laying the foundation for complete decoupling

At the meeting, the directors focused on three topics, i.e. the compilation of rules and regulations of China Table Tennis Association, the establishment scheme of the internal organization and special committee of the association, and the list of suggestions of the Deputy Secretary General of China Table Tennis Association and the director of the special committee. The above three issues were finally considered and adopted by all votes.

Over the past year, the work of China Table Tennis Association has been carried out in an orderly manner under the correct leadership of the General Administration of sport of the peoples Republic of China. The performance of the national team is relatively stable, and the reform of the association is gradually improving. Through this Council, the association has taken a key step in further improving the internal governance structure, improving rules and regulations, and strengthening the autonomy of the association in accordance with the law.

The Council adopted the resolution of setting up 10 special committees, including national fitness Committee, athletes Committee, coaches Committee, Youth Development Committee, Referees Committee, competition committee, information research committee, equipment committee, Information Committee and international development committee, and set up 6 internal organizations accordingly. All of these have laid a solid foundation for the association to complete the complete decoupling work next year. At present, the association is improving the preparations for decoupling, and the results have gradually emerged.

When talking about the special committee, Liu Guoliang said in particular: the director of the athletes committee is Ma long, and the director of the coaches committee is Wang Liqin. We hope to improve the core role and voice of the athletes and coaches so that they have more autonomy. The establishment of the committee also involves international development, national fitness, youth and other aspects, with both inheritance and innovation.

In terms of national fitness, we will actively implement the national strategy of national fitness, and further promote the reform of management service, so as to build the top IP of national fitness table tennis competition. In the middle of December, the finals of China Table Tennis Association member League will be held in Zhengzhou in the same period as the finals of the world tour of the International Table Tennis Association, which will provide table tennis fans with the opportunity to communicate with high-level athletes at close range. In the future, it is also hoped to attract more young people to participate in the finals and make the finals a big gathering for all table tennis fans. In addition, next year, it is planned to hold the National Amateur Championship, so that all table tennis folk experts can compete. I hope to attract more people to participate in table tennis, so that all the people who want to play can play, and all the people who like to watch the ball can see the top competitions.

At the same time, we have been focusing on youth development. Discuss the establishment of National Youth (training) team and youth (training) team, and cultivate more excellent reserve talents. On the basis of the three-level transportation network of national team, provincial team and municipal team, we should expand social transportation channels, encourage all kinds of schools, training institutions and clubs to actively transport talents, mobilize the enthusiasm of the grass-roots level, form a benign competition, and gradually improve and expand the youth training system.

We should make great efforts to do a good job in Chinas table tennis as a big IP industry with great love, high concentration and enough heart. We should serve the Chinese table tennis team and hundreds of millions of table tennis fans.

Attachment: organizational structure of China Table Tennis Association

Chairman: Liu Guoliang

Vice chairmen: Liu Yi, Gao Yaxiang, Li Yibing, Wang Liqin, Zhang Lei

Secretary General: Qin Zhijian

Deputy Secretary General: Huang Biao, he Xiao, Liu Wei

List of secondary special committees and directors:

1. National fitness Committee - Lu Yuansheng

2. Athletes Committee - Malone

3. Coaches Committee - Wang Liqin

4. Youth Development Committee - Qin Zhijian

5. Referee committee - Li Yibing

6. Competition Committee - Gao Yaxiang

7. Information Research Committee - Yin Xiao

8. Equipment Committee - Zhang Lei

9. Press Committee - Liu Wei

10. International Development Commission - Liu Yi (end)

Source: China editor in charge: Zhao Ruiqi, nb12596