Speed up the injection of high-quality assets! 20 trillion state-owned capital and new actions

 Speed up the injection of high-quality assets! 20 trillion state-owned capital and new actions

Every move of Shanghais state-owned assets attracts the attention of the market. Near the end of the year, the giant with 20 trillion yuan of assets is speeding up its integration.

At the recent SASAC policy briefing held by the State Council, SASAC Shanghai also shared the characteristics and experience of the reform of local state-owned assets. A new round of reform is in sight.

Fanli high end manufacturing

Today, Feile audio announced that it plans to issue shares to the companys largest shareholder, I & E Electronics Group and its parent company, I & E group, to purchase relevant shares of three companies and raise supporting funds, which constitutes a major asset restructuring.

According to the plan, Feile audio plans to issue shares to Yidian group to purchase 80% equity of Shanghai Industrial Automation Instrument Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ziyi Institute), issue shares to Yidian electronic group to purchase 100% equity of Shanghai Yidian Auto Electronic System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yidian Auto Electronics) and Shanghai Yidian Intelligent Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yidian Intelligent Electronics) uff0957.65% equity.

On the same day, Feile audio also announced personnel changes. Huang Gang, chairman of the board, Zhuang Shenan, vice chairman of the board and Li Hong, chief accountant, resigned from the company.

In combination with various previous movements of Feile speakers, the company is expected to start a major asset restructuring and a new look.

On November 28, Yidian group provided financial support of 40 million yuan to the company in the form of entrusted loans. At the beginning of November, the company received the decision on administrative punishment issued by Shanghai Securities Regulatory Bureau, declaring that the previous illegal activities have come to an end.

The three proposed companies are also interesting.

For example, the Institute is a comprehensive scientific research institute engaged in the research, development, production, application and test of industrial automation instrument products and production process automation system. At present, the company speeds up independent innovation and transformation development in intelligent manufacturing, information security, independent control, high-end detection, etc., cultivates sustainable innovation force and core competitiveness, constructs industrial automation technology innovation function platform, and is committed to building the Institute into a new type of transformation scientific research institute with leading technology, well-known brand and promoting industrial upgrading.

On the other hand, Yidian group and Yidian Electronic Group will inject three assets at one go, and the level of the groups securitization will also be significantly improved.

High quality asset frequency injection

Recently, Shanghais state-owned assets have been integrated frequently, and some high-quality assets have been rapidly injected into listed companies.

On October 9, Lansheng announced that it plans to replace the equivalent part of 100% equity of exhibition group with 51% equity of Lansheng light industry, and purchase the difference between the transaction price of the above-mentioned put in assets and put out assets by issuing shares and paying cash.

After the completion of the transaction, Lansheng Co., Ltd. will focus on the exhibition industry, change its main business to the organization, promotion and operation services of exhibition projects, and realize the business transformation and upgrading of listed companies.

After the disclosure of the information, the stock price of Lansheng shares rose and stopped.

According to the data, the exhibition group is the main body of exhibition business under the East haolansheng group. At present, the exhibition group has hosted China International Industrial Exposition, Shanghai International Marathon, world Artificial Intelligence Conference and other activities, and the main exhibition halls operated are Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall.

Lansheng shares has long been expected by the market for major matters planned this time. The company is a typical representative of large group and small company among state-owned enterprises in Shanghai. The income of donghaolansheng group exceeds 100 billion yuan. As the only listing platform, the asset securitization rate of the company is relatively low. The overall listing or core asset listing of the group is an important direction of donghaolansheng reform.

Also in October, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Shanghai held a joint reorganization meeting of Lianhe investment and Shanghai xintou, announcing that the two enterprises formally implemented the joint reorganization, and adjusting Shanghai xintou from the supervision of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Shanghai to the management of the controlling shareholder Lianhe investment company.

Basically realize overall listing

Or listing of core business assets

Shanghai is a state-owned capital, and reform has always been ahead of it.

In early September, the Shanghai municipal government issued the implementation plan of Shanghais comprehensive reform experiment of regional state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises, which put forward requirements in the aspects of state-owned assets management system, mixed reform, enterprise power, state-owned assets layout, corporate governance, leadership of the party and overall coordination, and put forward promoting competitive enterprises to basically achieve overall listing or listing of core business assets, functional and public services Enterprises shall speed up the listing and development of competitive businesses that meet the requirements.

At the policy briefing of SASAC held on November 27, the relevant principals of Shanghai regional state owned enterprises comprehensive reform pilot zone shared the reform characteristics and experience.

According to the introduction, Shanghai has formed more than 20 specific operation plans for reform projects, involving state-owned assets layout, industrial integration, enterprise classification, overall listing, enterprise leadership management and other fields, which are advancing one by one, and has formulated an action plan for implementation.

The reporter learned that in the next three years, Shanghais state-owned enterprises will speed up the open market-oriented joint reorganization, adhere to the law of market economy and the law of enterprise development, desalinate the regional, hierarchical and institutional attributes of capital, implement horizontal, vertical integration and professional reorganization in accordance with the implementation plan for the comprehensive reform experiment of regional state-owned enterprises, and promote resources to the advantage Enterprises and main business enterprises are centralized to realize the optimized allocation of state-owned capital in a wider field, a higher level and a wider range.

At the operational level, many Shanghai state-owned enterprise groups have many assets, but in the past, for various reasons, only a fraction of them were put on the listing platform. Now, the policy encourages the overall listing or the listing of core business assets. The efficiency of the groups high-quality assets into the listed companies will be improved, and the relevant listed companies will benefit from it.

To be more specific, if it is in line with the situation of large group and small company, its listed company is likely to become the next Feile sound.

Source: editor in charge of Shanghai Securities News: Yang bin_nf4368