The first black woman to run in the US withdrew from the 2020 presidential election due to lack of money

 The first black woman to run in the US withdrew from the 2020 presidential election due to lack of money

Harris announced the news on social media. She said that the decision to withdraw from the general election was a deliberate decision, and despite the decision, she would still fight for justice.

In an email to supporters, Harris said the main reason for his withdrawal from the election was fundraising. Im not a billionaire, I dont have enough money to support my campaign. As the campaign goes on, we find it increasingly difficult to raise money.

As the first black woman to run for president of the United States, Harris has been strong since she announced her candidacy in January. Raised $12 million in the first three months. Harris also made a splash in the first televised debate of the Democratic presidential candidates in June. At one time, he was firmly in the top four in many polls and was considered a popular candidate for the Democratic presidential candidates.

According to US media, Harris has had problems raising money in recent months. Her campaign strategy is neither like that of Peter butiquig, who can attract traditional Democratic funders, nor that of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who are radical factions, who attract grassroots supporters. But for Harriss sudden withdrawal, the US media still thought it was unexpected.

According to the latest morningconsult poll released on the same day, former Vice President Biden ranked first with 29% of the vote, while senators sanders and Warren ranked second and third with 20% and 15% respectively. In fourth place is the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Harris tied for fifth place with billionaire Bloomberg, who just announced his candidacy.

Harris is 55 years old. His father is African Jamaican and his mother is Indian. She has been a U.S. Senator since 2017 and is committed to promoting issues such as racial equality and womens equal rights.

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