Zhu Ting: 20 points, Tianjin suffered a 2-0 lead, 2-3 defeat in the reincarnation Club Cup

 Zhu Ting: 20 points, Tianjin suffered a 2-0 lead, 2-3 defeat in the reincarnation Club Cup

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The Tianjin team led by Zhu Ting met the Champions League and Italys top team Novara for the first time. In the semi-final of last seasons Champions League, Novara killed Zhutings wakivu bank in Turkey, but this season several famous players including egnu have left, and the overall strength of the team has declined significantly. In this competition, Tianjin team started: Zhu Ting, Li Yingying, Yuan Xinyue and Wang Yuanyuan as the main attack, Huckel as the second pass, Yao Di as the second pass and Mencius as the free man; Novara started, vasilieva and Courtney as the main attack, cirichella and vilikovic as the second pass, blakosevic as the second pass, Hancock as the second pass and santona as the free man.

In the first game, Zhu Ting took the lead in breaking through position 4. Novara was hit successively by blakosevic and vilikovic, and Tianjin team started 1-3. Li Yingyings No. 4 fighter was out of the line, and Yuan Xinyue scored 3-level in blocking. After villikovics close body fast hit, Li Yingyings strong attack in position 4 was blocked, Novara served out after 3-5 of Tianjin team, Li Yingying hit on a small diagonal line, Yuan Xinyue and Yao Di scored in block, and Tianjin team 6-5 overtook. Blakosevic scored on the diagonal in position 2, Yuan Xinyue hit the block and probe successively, and Tianjin team led 8-6 to the first technical suspension. Vasilevas drop shot was successful, Yuan Xinyue and Yao Di scored in block. After Zhu Tings attack and hit, Courtney was out of bounds, and Tianjin team was 11-7 ahead. Novara ran after 3 points, after the Tianjin team suspended, Zhu Ting made a probe hit, and villikovic scored in the fast break. Vasilevas player went out of bounds, and blakosevics second position broke through to 13. Huckels No. 2 fighter went out of the field, and velikovic scored in the fast break. After 14 draws, Yuan Xinyue blocked and scored continuously. Tianjin team 16-14 came to the second technical suspension. In Zhu Tings last three attacks, Hucker forced the attack out of the boundary, qilichella scored on the oblique line of position 2 back flight, Yao Di competed for points on the net mouth, qilichella smashed the ball on position 2 back flight out of the boundary, and Tianjin teams 20-16 lead forced the opponent to suspend. After suspension, Tianjin team continued to increase points, qilichella and Hancock made mistakes successively, Li Yingying served and scored, Zhu Ting got the ball, and Tianjin team won 24-16 points. After Li Yingying served out of bounds, Yuan Xinyue got off the diagonal and Tianjin team won 25-17.

After three draws in the second set, Zhu Ting succeeded in the last three attacks, Hancock went out for the second attack, Novara caught the net in the front row, Li Yingying scored in position 4, and Tianjin team was 8-3 ahead for the first technical suspension. After suspension, Tianjin team scored continuously. After Yuan Xinyue got the block, Tianjin team continued to dominate 11-5. Novara pauses again, blakosevich misses the spike, Li Yingying goes out of the field, Yuan Xinyue flies behind the back to score, 13-6 later Novara chases 2 points in a row, vasileva misses on the marker pole, Zhu Ting rushes in to score the short ball, and Tianjin team takes the lead 16-9 in the second technical suspension. Blakosevic won in a straight line, Zhu Ting made a mistake in attack and dropped the ball. Li Yingying, the No. 4 counterattack player, went out of bounds. Tianjin team took the lead 18-11, and Novara asked for a pause. Since then, Wang Yuanyuan and Yuan Xinyue have won, Li Yingyings hitter is out of bounds, Yuan Xinyue scores on the oblique line behind his back, Zhu Ting hits on the oblique line of position 4 after winning the block, Yuan Xinyue serves and scores, and Tianjin team 25-15 goes to the next city.

In the third set, Tianjin team was not able to pass stably, and some sloppy attacks were blocked to deal with the ball, and they were 2-6 behind in the beginning. Novaras serve was effective, and Tianjin team was not good at attacking, falling behind 3-8 at the first technical pause. Blakosevic smashed the ball off the net, vasileva served off the net after hitting the oblique line in position 4, Courtney scored in position 4, vilikovic hit in position 3, and Tianjin team was 5-11 behind and suspended. Qilichella serves directly, Zhu Ting hits in position 4, Courtney attacks well in position 4, velikovic scores in position 3, and Tianjin team stops 6-14. After Hucker got the hand, Courtney scored on the diagonal, blakosevic hit back on the diagonal in position 2, and Tianjin team entered the second technical suspension 7-16. Zhu Tings No. 4 position was heavily attacked. Li YingYing and Yuan Xinyue contributed at both ends of the attack and defense, but the Tianjin team still couldnt narrow the difference. Hukel was replaced by Yang Yi. After Li Yingying got the small diagonal line, Zhu Ting was caught in the net. After that, she continued to attack and make one pass mistakes, falling behind to 13-24 to send out a large number of points. Although Novara relaxed and lost 5 innings in succession, he still got a straight break with blakosevic No. 4 position, and Tianjin team lost one inning 18-25.

The fourth set of Tianjin team a pass is still poor, up to lose points, only by Zhu Ting breakthrough start 2-4 behind. Tianjin teams attack was seriously abnormal, and by the time of the first technical suspension, it had fallen 4-8. After 4-10, Li Yingying was successful in attacking position 4, Zhu Ting was out of bounds, Yuan Xinyue blocked and scored, and Tianjin team made it to 7-10. Courtneys fourth position scored straight, Zhu Tings small diagonal hit, Courtneys fourth position attack score after 8-11, Chen Xintongs one pass error after a series of attacks by Li Yingying, Tianjin team 8-14 again suspended. Velikovic scored in position 3, Zhu Ting scored in position 4, brakosevic hit in position 2, and Tianjin team fell behind 10-16 in the second technical suspension. Tianjin team is frequently attacked and blocked, falling behind 11-20 at most. At the end of the game, there are still many kinds of mistakes, losing another game with a big score of 15-25.

In the decisive game, after Zhu Tings serve and score, velikovic was out of the field in a short time, Li Yingying hit on the diagonal at position 4, Wang Yuanyuan scored and Tianjin team led 3-1. Velikovic scored short and flat, Courtney served off the net, blakosevic scored off the diagonal in position 2, Li Yingying was stopped in position 4, blakosevic hit back in a row, Tianjin team lost 5 points and 4-6 in a row. Tianjin team cooperation error, blakosevich attack in the marker, Li Yingying serve score, Tianjin team catch up to 6-7. Courtney scored on the diagonal in the third counterattack, and Tianjin team exchanged 6-8. Yuan Xinyue scores on the oblique line of back flight, Wang Yuanyuan scores on the block after catching the net fault, blakosevic scores on the second spike, and Tianjin team reaches 9-level. The Tianjin team fell behind 9-11 after qilichella scored a short and flat serve in position 3. Zhu Tings light hit is good, Courtneys four position strong attack scores, Li Yingyings hitter is out of bounds, Courtneys 2 counter attack hits, and Tianjin team falls behind 11-13 and is suspended. After the suspension, blakosevic scored on the counter attack in position 2, Li Yingyings attack was stopped, Tianjin team lost the game 11-15, and the total score was 2-3 severely reversed.

Tomorrow Tianjin will be suspended for one day, and December 5 will be against Brazil beach, the second opponent in the group match.

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