Liu Yunings acting skills won recognition after the ending of hot blooded youth

 Liu Yunings acting skills won recognition after the ending of hot blooded youth

Liu Yuning, the first leading actor, is a mixture of love and hate

As Liu Yunings first film and TV play since his debut, the hot blooded youth has been popular since it was broadcast. In the early stage of the plot, Liu Yunings control of the characters is very bright. From the panic of being robbed, to the anger of being helpless when his brother died innocently, Liu Yuning used his speculation and understanding of the role to show the image of iron and simple in the workplace in front of the audience.

After suffering from the oppression of colleagues and superiors, the concealment of friends and the blow of the death of relatives, Wei Chengfeng finally turned against his former good brother and embarked on a road of no return. Different from before, Wei Chengfengs eyes revealed his disappointment and indifference to things after the transformation of image and character, and he walked into the dark abyss step by step.

With the development of the plot, netizens opinions on Wei Chengfeng are divided into two groups, which are debated endlessly. On the one hand, Wei Chengfeng thought that the reason for his blackness was that his family, friendship, love and career had been severely hit. In addition, those days of being humiliated had pushed him to this step. In the end, he was also a poor man. On the other hand, he believed that Wei Chengfeng had betrayed his friendship and could not understand his brothers good intentions and grievances, and finally became a cold-blooded and merciless beast. However, no matter how pitiful they are or how incompetent they are, Wei Chengfeng has left a deep impression on the audience. The audiences dislike of Wei Chengfeng is exactly the best affirmation of Liu yunning, who is the first time to act in a movie and TV play.

Liu Yuning is more than that before the storm

In more than a year since his debut, Liu has not only made amazing performance in the film and TV series the hot blooded youth, but also made great achievements in music, variety and other fields.

Not long ago, Liu Yuning released his first album, ten. Once the powerful production line-up of immortals was made public, it caused hot discussion among netizens. Among them, ah tacit understanding, composed by Li Gedi and Wu Qingfeng, was the last major hit on the line for 24 hours, winning the double top of a music platforms soaring list and nebulas popularity list at one stroke, which laid a solid foundation for Lius music career.

On November 30, Dalian, the first tour concert of modern brothers, ended in the scream of fans. As the last concert in 2019, 10000 fans and modern brothers gathered here to set off a music storm with songs and shouts.

In the contemporary Chaoyin competition variety show the voice of the Chinese dream, our song, Liu Yuning and Ren Xianqi, the music predecessors, formed a street partner which captured thousands of girls hearts with a rock version of rely on. The innovative song adaptation and the tacit match of the two on the stage make the audience more curious about what kind of audio-visual enjoyment they will make in the following programs Well, lets look forward to it!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie