Lao Rongzhis misdirection in life: 22-year-old sex seeking wealth killed 3-year-old girl with her boyfriend

 Lao Rongzhis misdirection in life: 22-year-old sex seeking wealth killed 3-year-old girl with her boyfriend

On November 28, Lao Rongzhi helped his friends look after the business at a brand watch counter in a shopping mall in Xiamen. When captured by the police, she was wearing a khaki coat with light brown hair tied low, which was quite different from the image of her black curly hair printed on details of the fugitive.

In the past 23 years, Lao Rongzhi has been running away in many cities under his anonymity, working as a part-time worker in bars, KTV and other places. In December 2016, Lao Rongzhi, wearing a short skirt with a bra, also appeared on the Christmas poster of a music bar in Xiamen.

Now, 20 years have passed since her partner, FA Ziying, was executed. Faziying once said to Yu Xi, a lawyer at Beijing Zhongyin (Hefei) law firm, his defender, that Lao Rongzhi gave up his stable teaching job and left Jiujiang, his hometown where he had been growing for 20 years, because he admired me so much for fighting and killing people. Since 1996, Lao Rongzhi has followed faziying to commit murder in Nanchang, Wenzhou, Hefei and other places.

Run away: leave home at the age of 20 and follow the dare to fight and kill people

According to the death sentence of faziying issued by Hefei intermediate peoples court, in October 1964, faziying was born in an ordinary rural family in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, with only a junior high school education. In 1981, FA Ziying, a minor, was sentenced to eight years in prison for robbery and intentional injury.

Ten years after faziying was born, Lao Rongzhi was born in Jiujiang. In 1989, Lao Rongzhi was admitted to Jiujiang normal school to study preschool education. After graduation, he joined the childrens School of Jiujiang Petroleum Branch as a primary school teacher.

Yu Xi, faziyings lawyer, said faziying was released early because of her good performance in prison. According to faziying, he met Lao Rongzhi at a friends wedding in 1994. After the wedding party, faziying rode her motorcycle to send Lao Rongzhi home. From then on, she began to pursue Lao Rongzhi. The two were soon together.

Why was Lao Rongzhi, 19, attracted by faziying, 29? Maybe its the little girls hero complex. At that time, she especially admired me for fighting and killing people like me. She regarded me as a hero, so she was willing to follow me. Faziying once said to Yu Xi, his lawyer, in a proud tone.

The second year they met, faziying fled Jiujiang city because of robbery. Lao Rongzhi, 20, chose to give up his family and stable job as a teacher, and followed faziying on the road of death.

Depravity: using pseudonym to sit on the stage in the singing and dancing hall and cooperate with immortal dance to kill money

According to the death sentence of faziying, the footprints of faziying and Lao Rongzhi appeared in Nanchang in May 1996.

In a song and dance hall in Nanchang, Lao Rongzhi used a pseudonym Chen Jia. At the end of July of that year, Chen Jia took Xiong Mou, the kidnapped object, to the rental house where she lived with faziying. Faziying snatched jewelry, watches and other items from Xiong Mou, and then strangled him by wire and rope. Xiong Mou suffocated and died. Later, faziying and Lao Rongzhi came to bears house and brutally killed Xiongs wife and her 3-year-old daughter.

When Nanchang police came to the rental house, Lao Rongzhi and faziying had not been found.

In October 1997, Lao Rongzhi and faziying killed two more people for the purpose of extermination after violent robbery in Wenzhou.

Soon after, Chen Jia became Shen Lingqiu. In June 1999, faziying and Shen Lingqiu fled to Hefei City, Anhui Province.

On July 1 that year, the two rented a house in the restoration building of Shuanggang Hongqiao primary school. In the rental room, the two added a special piece of furniture - steel cage. According to the death sentence of faziying, faziying customized a steel cage under the name of closing the dog in an electric welding shop near the White Dam, which later became the death cage of another victim, Yin Mou.

After preparing the tools for kidnapping and killing, Lao Rongzhi did the same thing again. He sat on the stage in a song and dance hall in Hefei and found the kidnapping object, Yin Mou.

On July 22 that year, Lao Rongzhi called to invite Yin to meet in the rental room. However, when Yin entered the door, he was not greeted by Lao Rongzhis enthusiasm, but by a cold knife. FA Ziying put the knife to Yins neck, while Lao Rongzhi tied his hands with wire and stuffed him into the iron cage.

In order to make Yin believe that he was a kidnapper and force him to hand over the property as soon as possible, FA Ziying lied that his family needed to be decorated and cheated Lu, a small carpenter, into the rental house and killed him on the spot.

I went to the door and saw Yin Mou who was locked in the cage. Lu Mou turned around and ran away. FA Ziying grabbed his hair and stabbed him several times when he pulled it back. After that, Lu ran to the balcony again, and faziying cut more than ten knives behind him. Liu Jingjie, a lawyer acting for Lus family, recalled the case to reporters in Nandu. Later, Lao Rongzhi cooperates with faziying to put the body of the carpenter in an old freezer he bought that day.

Liu Jingjie, a reporter from the southern capital, said Lu used to farm in his hometown. Because of a carpenters skill, he went out to work as a carpenter in order to save his childrens tuition.

According to faziyings death sentence, under the threat of faziying, Yin wrote several notes to his wife Liu according to faziyings meaning, asking Liu to pay for the ransom. But faziying still tightened the wire around Yins neck with a vice and strangled it. Later, Liu asked faziying and Lao Rongzhi to wait at home for raising money, and then reported the case to the police.

Single: faziying insists that Lao Rongzhi hasnt killed anyone. She laughs after hearing that she escaped

In July 1999, Hefei police arrested and surrounded faziying. Faziying fought with a gun in the rental house, but was finally captured after the police broke his right leg.

On July 27 that year, Hefei police found Yin Mou, the hostage missing for five days, in Shuanggang, but Lao Rongzhi had disappeared. A detail was disclosed in the 9th issue of police detective magazine in 1999. The owner of the house described to Hefei police that he and faziying had come together as a young woman dressed up to the times. The two claimed to be husband and wife, from Zhejiang Province.

At that time, according to Yu Xi, faziyings lawyer, faziying had married another woman in her hometown of Jiangxi and had a daughter.

In November 1999, the case of faziying homicide was heard. Yu Xi, a lawyer who served as faziyings defender, recalled that before the court session, he had met faziying four or five times. Every time I come back, I feel a ghostly spirit. It seems that I am not communicating with a person..

He looks like a man with no power to bind a chicken. Hes not tall and thin. He doesnt look so cruel at all. When Yu Xi saw faziying, her right leg was put on a steel frame and she could not walk.

Yu Xi said that when the police asked about the whereabouts of Lao Rongzhi, FA Ziying at first did not even recognize the existence of Lao Rongzhi. In front of the evidence, faziying still insists that Lao Rongzhi did not kill.

Yu Xi, a reporter from the southern capital, said faziying was very concerned about the situation of girlfriend Lao Rongzhi, but never mentioned her family members. After learning that Lao Rongzhi has not been caught, Yu Xi believes that faziying shows a smile from the heart.

Before the death penalty review, faziying took the initiative to ask Yu Xi to meet him. People are dying, and there are so many things in their hearts that they want to say.. That day, faziying recalled the process of meeting with Lao Rongzhi again.

According to faziyings confession at that time, he and Lao Rongzhi killed a family of three in Nanchang in 1996, and then two people in Wenzhou, plus Yin and Lu killed in Hefei, killing seven victims. On December 28, 1999, faziying was executed.

Escape: once worked in a bar for a living, known as goddess Sydney

At that time, where was Lao Rongzhi that faziying had been thinking about before her death?

According to Xiamen police, after faziying was arrested, Lao Rongzhi, who escaped alone, has been wandering in many cities, working part-time and part-time in bars, KTV and other places for a living.

In December 2016, Christmas is coming. On the Christmas poster of a music bar in Xiamen, Lao Rongzhi was wearing a red and white bra skirt, a Christmas hat and a smile. In that bar, her new name is sherry. On a Christmas Eve invitation made by the bar, her personal photo was placed in the middle, with the words goddess Sydney on one side.

The head of the bar told Nandu reporters that Lao Rongzhi did work with some of the staff in the bar at the same time, but everyone didnt know her very well.

Goddess Sydney did not work in the bar for a long time, and then she changed careers. Until November 28, 2019, Lao Rongzhi was arrested by Xiamen police when he helped his friends look after the business at a watch counter in a shopping mall in Xiamen.

According to the video, when he was caught, Lao Rongzhi did not escape or struggle, but quietly followed the police.

However, after arriving at the case, Lao Rongzhi refused to admit his true identity, claiming to be a Nanjing native Hong Mou Jiao. After DNA comparison and identification, Xiamen police confirmed that she was the fugitive of the homicide, Lao Rongzhi.

They (the victims family) hate her so much that they hope Lao Rongzhi will be caught soon. Liu Jingjie told Nandu that every year, Lus wife, a small carpenter, would ask if Lao Rongzhi had been caught.

Before Lao Rongzhi was arrested, Liu Jingjie doubted whether Lao Rongzhi had undergone plastic surgery or changed her identity. When learning that Lao Rongzhi was caught in a shopping mall in Xiamen, Liu Jingjie sighed, but did not expect that she would dare to appear in the city.

When faziying met Yu Xi for the last time, she gave other clues about the case. Yu Xi said that after the minutes of the meeting were submitted to the court, because the evidence chain was not complete and only faziying had confessed, the court did not recognize other cases that faziying had confessed, after Lao Rongzhi was arrested, perhaps more cases could be broken..

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily Author: Feng Congying, editor in charge: Shi Jianlei, nbj11331