Visit Lao Rongzhis hometown: neighbors said that he was quiet and good-looking when he was a child

 Visit Lao Rongzhis hometown: neighbors said that he was quiet and good-looking when he was a child

On November 28, Lao Rongzhi, a female fugitive involving three or seven lives, was arrested by the police in a shopping mall in Xiamen. At this time, it has been 20 years since faziying, her partner, was executed, and her escape began earlier. From 1996 to 1999, faziying and his girlfriend, Lao Rongzhi, fled to Nanchang, Wenzhou, Hefei and other places to commit crimes.

Lao Rong Zhi.

Further on, the first 22 years of Lao Rongzhis life are generally smooth. Born in Jiujiang, a small town in northern Jiangxi Province, her parents are employees of a local oil company. Lao Rongzhi has beautiful branches and excellent performance. Before she died with faziying, she was a primary school teacher.

Lao Rongzhi lived here as a child.

On December 3, Nan Du reporter came to an old residential area in Xunyang District, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, where Lao Rongzhi grew up and went to school. After graduating from the kindergarten of Jiujiang normal school, he once returned to the primary school of the children of Jiujiang oil branch near the residential area to teach.

I watched her grow up when she was only two or three years old. She had five children, two boys and three girls. She was the youngest. On the evening of December 3, a neighbor of Lao Rongzhis hometown told the reporter of Nandu that their couple and Lao Rongzhis parents had worked together in Jiujiang oil branch for many years.

When it comes to Lao Rongzhi, the old neighbor laments, the original essence is not bad, its a bad company. She told Nandu reporters that more than 20 years ago, when faziying and laurongzhi were involved in the murder, the family area of the oil branch was spread. At that time, there was no Internet, but we all knew at home. At the beginning, we didnt believe it. How could such a good girl become like that and kill people?

Lao Rongzhis parents are from Huangmei County, Huanggang City, Hubei Province, only one river away from Xunyang District, Jiujiang City. According to a neighbor, Lao Rongzhis father is an oilman in Jiujiang oil company, and his mother is a family worker. Lao Rongzhi was born in Jiujiang. Her father is very honest. He is an ordinary worker. He only knows how to work hard. In addition to work, he has to plant vegetables. There are five children at home. Its very hard. His mother needs to be a little stronger. The neighbor told Nandu that when Lao Rongzhi was a child, he had some difficulties at home. At that time, many families in the courtyard were double employees. The work of the oil branch was busy, and the children were in a state of Stocking. At that time, every family was the same. When parents went to work, children were in charge of themselves.

According to neighbors, Lao Rongzhi used to be called the last branch at home, but later changed his name to Rongzhi after going to school. In the impression of neighbors, Lao Rongzhi was not naughty and troublesome when he was a child who was quiet and gentle. When I was a child, I went to childrens school. All the children in the family home jumped rope and threw sandbags outside. She would play together.

After graduating from junior high school of childrens School of Jiujiang Petroleum Branch, Lao Rongzhi was admitted to Jiujiang normal school and enrolled in preschool teacher major. According to neighbors, in that era, there were fewer people who could get into secondary school. Shes good at reading. Her children think shes the best at reading. Lao Rongzhis beautiful appearance also left a deep impression on the old neighbor. The neighbor told Nandu that among the five children of Laos family, Lao Rongzhis appearance was the most outstanding. She grew better when she was a child, and she was pretty when she was older.

In the past few decades, many oil kids who grew up and studied here have moved out of this old residential area. Few old people live here, the neighbor told Nandu At night, there was only a dim street light at the intersection of the noisy family area, and there were few people walking between the lanes.

At about 11:00 on November 28, Lao Rongzhi, who had been fleeing for 23 years, was arrested in a shopping mall in Xiamen. The news of her arrest also reached the old family area where she was born and grew up. The neighbors said, Laos daughter got it.

FA Ziying is caught.

Lao Rongzhis mother, who is 78 years old this year, has not been in good health. She rented a house in this area alone. After Lao Rongzhi was caught, she was picked up by her children. A neighbor told Nandu that she used to be seen when walking. When the old neighbors chatted for decades, they never talked about these sad things. Before someone asked Lao Rongzhis mother, what about your little daughter? She said her daughter went into business.

Source: responsible editor of Southern Metropolis Daily: Shi Jianlei, nbj11331