Huawei is the biggest profit maker of 5g behind the crisis

 Huawei is the biggest profit maker of 5g behind the crisis

According to the industrys forecast, 5g mobile phones will undoubtedly usher in an all-round outbreak in 2020. Huawei, the worlds second-largest mobile phone manufacturer and the leader of 5g era, will not miss this wave of technology dividend.

Founded in 1974, Hon Hai Technology Group is the worlds largest and fastest growing international group in the field of 3C OEM. Its Foxconn is more well known to Chinese audiences, and its former leader, Gou Taiming, is also a figure in the industry.

As a well deserved Big Mac in the field of electronic products, Hon Hai Group has won Huaweis 5g order, which is the biggest dividend. However, the market once heard that Hon Hai Group also won Apples 5g mobile phone assembly order next year.

As the worlds largest international OEM group in the field of electronics, Hon Hai Group is famous for assembling Apple mobile phones, and has been the main generation factory of iPhone for many years.

According to foreign media reports, in April this year, after the chairman of Hon Hai group, Gou Taiming, announced his intention to resign as chairman of the board, Apple CEO cook immediately called him to directly express the concern about whether the supply chain of Apples mobile phone will be affected. We can see Apples dependence on Hon Hai group.

If we can win the 5g orders from Huawei and apple at the same time, Hon Hai Group will undoubtedly become the biggest profit maker in the 5g mobile phone market in 2020.

During this period, industrial Fulian, a listed company of Hon Hai group, rose continuously. On December 2, it closed at 17.02 yuan, a new high in nearly half a year. Its market value exceeded 340 billion yuan.

Huaweis 5g mobile phone industry chain beneficiary shares rose by 200% in the highest year

Since the face of US sanctions, Huaweis mobile phone industry chain has undergone some changes.

On the third day after the US announced its ban on Huawei, Flextronics, one of Huaweis important suppliers, informed its global representative factories to stop manufacturing all Huaweis equipment immediately, and the products that had been produced would not be allowed to be delivered. At the same time, it seized Huaweis 700 million yuan worth of materials for more than a month.

Later, Huawei kicked Flextronics out of the supply chain system, and orders from Huawei, formerly Flextronics, quickly flowed to other manufacturers.

Foxconn and BYD will be the biggest beneficiaries of Huaweis orders, according to research papers released by securities companies. Guosen Securities (Hong Kong) said that as the main supplier of Huaweis P and mate series, BYDs revenue from Huawei is expected to grow by 50% to 60% in 2019.

According to data from securities companies, securities times u00b7 Dabao found that Huaweis mobile phone industry chain benefited 18 stocks, among which Lixun precision, as Huaweis core supplier, increased by 212% in the year, followed by Xinwangda and shuobaid, both of which increased by more than twice in the year.

Huaweis latest events

Recently, a dispute about Li Hongyuan, a former employee of Huawei, has been hotly discussed by the public. Li Hongyuan was detained in the Public Security Bureau for 251 days after he was reported to be extortion by the company after leaving his post, and then he was acquitted, and received state compensation of 100000 yuan. The incident quickly fermented on the Internet and triggered a lot of public opinions against Huawei.

Last night, Huawei released an official response to the incident:

Huawei has the right and obligation to report the suspected illegal acts to the judicial authorities based on the facts. We respect the decisions of the judiciary, including the public security organs, the procuratorates and the courts. If Li Hongyuan thinks his rights and interests have been damaged, we support him to use legal weapons to protect his rights and interests, including suing Huawei. It also embodies the spirit of the rule of law that everyone is equal before the law.

Then the event continued to ferment on the Internet, and most of the audience began to criticize Huawei.

According to the latest news, Li Hongyuans lawyer, Guangdong yiben law firms lawyer, issued the statement to the media.

Source: Dabao editor in charge: Yang bin_nf4368