Wedding preparations for half break-up female white-collar wedding candy are sent how to end?

 Wedding preparations for half break-up female white-collar wedding candy are sent how to end?

Im tired of planning the wedding

Yesterday morning, the reporter saw Li Rong, 26, in Zhongdi square, Jiulongpo District. She looked a little haggard in a dark green down jacket and plain face. For this matter, I have taken a few days off. Li Rong said she currently lives at her parents home on Zhigang Avenue.

Li Rong said her ex boyfriend, Mr. Huang, is one year older than her. They met and fell in love last year through a trip. In August this year, Mr. Huang proposed to her in public. Since then, the two and their families have begun to prepare for the wedding ceremony on December 24.

Li Rong said that at present, the wedding date has been set, the hotel has also been set, the wedding photos have been taken, and the wedding candy has been sent out for most of the time. In recent months, almost every day, people have been discussing and preparing for the wedding, and people are tired and stupid.

My parents in law will move in after marriage

The conflict happened in the middle of November. On that day, Mr. Huang came to pick up Li Rong for a big meal after work. At the dinner table, Mr. Huang stammered that his parents were already selling the house and were going to move in with them after Li Rong and Mr. Huang got married.

Li Rong said her head exploded at that time. It turns out that Mr. Huang has a two bedroom and one hall mortgage room near Ciqikou. Li Rong moves to live with him after meeting him. Mr. Huangs parents live in baguocheng. Before, he always told me that we are the only two people living in our new home after marriage. Then we will decorate our home again with the gift money we collected. I will install whatever style I like.

Li Rong protested, but Mr. Huang was helpless, saying that the down payment and decoration of the house were originally given by his parents, and that he could not refuse their request.

No solution to the contradiction

Li Rong said that for more than a week, she and Mr. Huang quarreled about it every day. Mr. Huang said again and again that parents are also for the sake of the two. They can take care of their lives and help to take care of their children in the future.

Li Rong said she could not bear Mr. Huangs words. On November 26, she called Huangs mother and said that she only wanted to live in the world of two after marriage, but the other side firmly said that to get married, she must accept the arrangement. Then I despaired and broke up. After two days of talking with him, I finally broke up.

Li Rong said that she could not accept the other sides familys attitude towards this matter at all. I didnt say it until I was about to have a wedding, but suddenly I said it, and there was no room for discussion. Li Rong said her parents also supported the decision to break up, saying that Huangs family was too strong and her daughter would definitely have to suffer when she married.

How does happy candy all hair end?

Li Rong said that she and Mr. Huang have agreed to bear the liquidated damages for hotels, weddings, etc., but the most difficult thing is not the economic loss, but the fact that she has sent out more than 50 boxes of happy candy. Relatives, girlfriends and colleagues of the company collect the candy.

Li Rong first told several girlfriends about the cancellation of the wedding. They were shocked by the news. Some said that they asked her to find a man to make up for it, while others advised her to make a fuss. However, after Li Rongs mother told several relatives, there was a huge stir in the family. In fact, I am very sad myself, and then I would like to sprinkle a handful of salt on the wound every time I say it to them.

Thinking of the next step, Im going to be knocked down. Everyone has to inform me. Im too big! Li Rong said.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter called Mr. Huang. Mr. Huang said that he had not told anyone about it or thought about how to deal with it, and then hung up.


How to explain to yourself is more important

Tan Gangqiang, executive director of Chongqing society of social psychology, thinks that canceling the wedding before the wedding is about to be held is really a very embarrassing and troublesome thing. New people must carefully observe and understand their partners and their families before deciding on a marriage date after careful consideration.

However, if there are intolerable reasons, it is suggested to cancel the wedding, send a message to relatives and friends for unified explanation, or choose to explain the situation only to some people (such as those who have received happy candy). Of course, the most important thing is not how to explain it to others, but how to explain it to yourself, and how to deal with matters related to your ex boyfriend.

Source: Chongqing Evening News Author: Wang Wei editor in charge: Yu changzong u00b7 nbj11145