The United States that wants to leave the group: participate in the climate change conference and ensure interests

 The United States that wants to leave the group: participate in the climate change conference and ensure interests

The United States, which wants to leave the group, comes to the group chat again and says so about climate change (source: video synthesis)

Although there is a growing voice for strengthening the response to climate change, there will still be some people who are against it. A typical example is the announcement of the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement. However, the United States sent representatives to the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

The U.S. government delegation was led by Marcia bonicart, State Department official for ocean and international environmental and scientific affairs. At the same time, the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, also led a 15 member congressional delegation to the meeting. Although the United States has announced its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, it will continue to participate in ongoing climate change negotiations and conferences to ensure that its interests are protected in a level playing field, the State Department said in a statement on November 30

British media: the United States is on the opposite path

On December 2, the Financial Times said that at the time of the UN climate conference, the divergence on global climate goals has intensified. On the eve of the conference, the European Parliament announced that the EU has entered a climate emergency and urged EU Member States to take greater environmental protection measures. At the same time, some countries represented by the United States are on the opposite path.

The United States is the country with the highest per capita carbon emissions in the world. On November 4, the United States announced that it officially started the process of withdrawing from the Paris Agreement. According to the Paris Agreement, the withdrawal process will take one year, which means that the United States will withdraw from the Paris Agreement on November 4 next year.

What is the Paris agreement?

In December 2015, nearly 200 parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change unanimously adopted the Paris agreement at the Paris climate change conference. In November 2016, the Paris Agreement officially entered into force. It is the second legally binding climate agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change after the Kyoto Protocol, making arrangements for global action on climate change after 2020. According to the Paris Agreement, all parties shall jointly respond to climate change by independent contribution, with the goal of controlling the global average temperature rise within 2 u2103 compared with the pre industrial level, and striving to control the temperature rise within 1.5 u2103.

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