The teacher supervises the canteen to be beaten and punished media: who influences the reputation of the school?

 The teacher supervises the canteen to be beaten and punished media: who influences the reputation of the school?

Since the school cherishes its reputation so much, it should properly solve the sanitation problem of the canteen in advance.

A double bowl of soup breaks out of the edge of the detergent foam, and there is water stains on the unsterilized dishes. There are even dried vegetables on the chopsticks. Recently, in Huaian, teachers supervise the canteen health problems were hit, but also punished by the school, caused public concern.

According to media reports, Wang Fengmei, head of the living Department of Qiying foreign language school in Huaian, Jiangsu Province, said that when negotiating with the staff of the school canteen, the head of the canteen had a conflict with her because she thought there was a problem with the health of the school canteen, and stole the bowl when she had breakfast. After she called the police, she was punished by the school together with the head of the canteen.

According to the document on the handling of the director of the Department of living and the director of the Department of food, although all employees have the right and obligation to maintain the food safety of the school, they should give feedback on the problems through normal channels. At breakfast on November 24, Wang Fengmei had a physical conflict with the catering department. She didnt worry about the presence of teachers and students, nor should she call the police, which brought incalculable losses to the reputation of the school. The president of the schools trade union also said that Wang Fengmei called the police without permission, which had a relatively bad impact on the school and put personal honor above the schools reputation.

As we all know, food is the most important thing for the people. Ensuring the tableware and food hygiene is the first priority of the canteen, let alone the student canteen. In the incident, the parties presented solid evidence such as photos, but mainly involved in detailed health issues. The chairman of the schools trade union said that it was not because the canteen was not clean enough. But even so, for canteen health, we should not pay attention to the small problems.

Regrettably, when the involved life teacher found these problems and reported them to the canteen, the canteen staff concerned not only didnt have any introspection and apology, but also was outraged to cut off the confession to the children in grade one or two. According to the common sense, the problems reflected by the involved life teacher were there, even if the problems were not big, they should be changed, neither encouraged nor explained patiently, Or clarify in time. Taking the counter attack of cutting off the supply and restricting the director of the Department of living to eat breakfast and snatch his job, one cant help asking: is this still the canteen serving teachers and students?

And the schools response is also speechless: its a good thing that teachers point out problems. However, the relevant administrators of the University issued documents, saying that she called the police without permission, pointing out that this was to discredit the school, and that this attitude of avoiding doctors was really self discredit. Whats more, its the right of teachers to supervise the sanitation of canteens. Why should they be allowed to call the police?

It is worth noting that the school has been awarded the titles of advanced private school and private school satisfied by the people of Huaian City, but such management mentality obviously does not match this title.

To say the least, since the school cherishes its reputation so much, it should properly solve the problem of canteen sanitation in advance. Most of the time, its not terrible to have a problem. Whats terrible is to avoid covering up the problem. If you want to maintain the reputation, but want to cover it up and do something that really damages the reputation of the school, its also a hundred causes must have results, and bitter results need to be eaten by yourself.

Source: new Beijing News Author: Hu Xinhong editor in charge: Yu changzong ufe63 nbj11145