Yu Yas ex boyfriend is attached with anothers phone number after human flesh: by the water of disaster or illegal

 Yu Yas ex boyfriend is attached with anothers phone number after human flesh: by the water of disaster or illegal

The owners of the Tuotuo hot pot restaurant micro signal, knowing that they are the human flesh of netizens, also deliberately spread other peoples mobile phone numbers, which is no essential difference from the implementation of internet violence.

Chen Mou, Yu Yas ex boyfriend Tuotuo, was detained on November 27 on suspicion of domestic violence, but the matter did not end.

According to reports, on November 25, netizens raked out the micro signal Tuotuo hot pot restaurant of Chen Mou, a suspected domestic rioter, after the incident attracted public attention. At first, the wechat personal signature said: all the people who scold me and harass me by phone cant die easily. I want to ask you something about your nonsense? By November 27, the reporter found that the signature attached the number with the attribution of Sichuan Chengdu and the ending number of 3739. By December 2, the media reporter searched again and found that the number was changed to the number with the attribution of Jiangsu Nanjing and the ending number of 5585.

Since then, the two phone numbers have been confirmed not to be Chens own mobile number, but received hundreds of abusive calls. Unable to be bothered, they prepare to call the police, or change their numbers, and their lives are seriously affected.

In brief, some netizens hurt two unrelated men by making harassing phone calls to express their dissatisfaction and anger with Chen. This also shows from the side, whenever and wherever, the network violence under the banner of justice is a discount to justice, or contrary to justice.

In fact, it is not uncommon for innocent people to be shot in public events that have had a great impact before, because of the mistakes in the information about the human flesh of netizens.

However, compared with the previous cases, most of which were caused by information bias, the two men suffered from cyber violence because they were mistaken for Yu Yas ex boyfriend, which was obviously a Li daitaozhong move deliberately diverted.

According to the report, whether the micro signal of Tuotuo hot pot restaurant belongs to Chen himself or not is not supported by substantive evidence at present. It is necessary to clarify when the phone number in the personal signature has been changed, and what is the sequence of nodes restricted by Chen.

However, no matter who the wechat belongs to, it is obviously against the public order and good custom to know that the wechat has been exposed by the human flesh of netizens and the information has been exposed, and to expose the mobile phone number of others in the wechat signature for many times without any reason.

To put it another way, even if the owner of wechat is not Chen himself, even if it is hard to fight in the face of the wave of online violence, the person who is attacked by human flesh can be properly solved by alarming or public clarification.

Its true that the victims of cyber violence are the victims of human flesh. However, the heaven and earth move method of providing other peoples mobile phone numbers makes other innocent people also become the victims of this cyber violence. Such disaster by water is not fundamentally different from the acts of cyber violence and infringement of other peoples rights and interests.

In terms of the nature and severity of the illegal act, I believe that the corresponding administrative legal liability should be investigated in accordance with the law on administrative penalties for public security.

In any case, the two innocent victims of people sitting at home, pot from the sky need a saying. While investigating the Yuya case and severely punishing the domestic violence, the relevant departments may also wish to further investigate the follow-up circumstances, so as not to let the violators of the disaster by water escape.

Source: new Beijing News Author: Ouyang Chenyu editor in charge: Yu changzong ufe63 nbj11145