After listening to Wang Yibos crosstalk, I feel like I never knew him?

 After listening to Wang Yibos crosstalk, I feel like I never knew him?

Its like this.

In a variety show last night, Wang Yibo made his first cross talk show for the first time! Or with Deyunshe popular two partners, Meng Hetang and Zhou jiuliang. Yes, you heard me right. Wang Yibo said cross talk.

In order to talk about cross talk, Yibo specially named himself as the cross talk actor Wang Yabo, which is terrifying and easy to remember.

And you dont have to say it. I didnt expect Wang Yibo, who is usually silent, to talk about cross talk. He even has the right tone in his eyes! (isnt the good-looking and humorous boy too shark.)

However, these are not the focus of Yi Jies concern.

The point is, look at the clothes Wang Yibo wears! Its a bit difficult to control if this gown is put on ordinary people, but when it comes to Wang Yibo

This is just a gentle scholar! OK, its nice to look at people. Its nice to wear anything.

Really live long see, who can think of, in Wang Yibos heart, hiding a crosstalk heart???

The last time Wang Yibo was able to talk, there was only a motorcycle.

Some time ago, in another variety show, Xie Na, as the host, asked Wang Yibo, do you put so many helmets in your house and walk in like stepping on a plum blossom pile?

This metaphor directly to the brother of Yibo, jumping to explain: helmet is not landing!!!

It can be seen that Wangs spare time life is equal to: 99% motorcycles + 1% crosstalk.

Cool cover is cool cover. When he took a photo with a motorcycle owner, he was wearing a simple black, and it was hard to compare with him.

Theres nothing more luxurious than a motorcycle suit for Wang Yibo to enjoy and feel at ease.

So, Wuli Yibos younger brother didnt say little, but you talked about motorcycles and cross talk earlier!

Wang Yibo at work prefers shirts. From simple solid color shirts to plaid shirts, younger brother Yabo can control them.

Wait a minute. Im doing my motorcycle in my spare time, right?

In addition to the regular motorcycle blog and the crosstalk blog just unlocked, there is also a hot search recently for Wang Yibos red boy Chen, you can feel it. A kind of

Its strange that a handsome man has his own way to hold it even if he wants to look strange.

Lets look at another version of Wang Yibo. He can pull kushuai and his neighbors brother to switch at any time. Just ask, can you?

Recently, the boy seems to be addicted to skateboarding. Sister Yi cut off the latest situation of his micro blog at will, which is basically all about skateboarding.

You think its over? Nonono ~ hes also a substitute for a male electric racer.

I even have the skill that every man envies - driving excavators. A kind of

Once a netizen summed up Wang Yibos skill list. I dont know if I dont see it. Its really... Exciting!

So, Wang Yibo, who is constantly developing new skills, what else can you not do? We will wait for you to bring more shape surprises!

Source: Netease fashion editor: Xie Jiaya ufe50 nbjs9734