Beauty blogger Lu is divorced. Who is this woman?

 Beauty blogger Lu is divorced. Who is this woman?

His family is also very rich. There is a four story villa on the Bund of Shanghai, with a total of 56 million Maseratis. His appearance and figure are also unspeakable.

Keep a big belly even during pregnancy!

But last night, it was revealed that her husband had cheated. Lu Yixian explained to everyone that her husband was framed and that she was blackmailed by her wife for 1 million yuan.

Slag man continued to lie on a platform that he was framed.

But the other sister directly released the chat record.

Lu later found something wrong with him. He sent a message in the middle of the night saying that he would investigate the situation.

It was only today that a statement was issued in trumpet announcing divorce. The man left the house clean and his daughter was raised by Lu.

The man himself admitted to cheating.

Its the same with the past and the future. The melon can be scattered after eating here. Although Lu silk meets Zha man this time, its good to stop losing in time. Recently, a lot of online celebrities housework is full of hot search lists, and netizens have commented that its better to solve their own household affairs and not occupy too much social resources.

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