The 3-year-old girl fell into the well and the 14-year-old boy took the initiative to hang upside down and successfully rescued people

 The 3-year-old girl fell into the well and the 14-year-old boy took the initiative to hang upside down and successfully rescued people

Wang Mingjin said that on the evening of November 30, the brigade received a task to say that a little girl over 3 years old fell into the well at the door of a hotel in Heshan District. After receiving the alarm, we immediately sent 15 firefighters to the rescue. After arriving at the scene, rescuers found that the inner diameter of the accident shaft was only 30cm, and it was almost impossible for the team members to go down the well for rescue.

At that time, we thought of several plans. First, we dropped knots into the well, and then the father of the child led us by the well, hoping to guide the girl to grasp the rope and complete self-help. But the child is too young to cooperate, so we have to give up. Later, we specially contacted the detachment and sent a team member with a smaller body shape. However, if the shoulder length is more than 30cm, we still cant do it. Wang Mingjin told Beiqing news that it was very difficult to rescue people from going down the well. The team members immediately contacted 7 excavators and 10 muck trucks to rescue the girl through on-site excavation.

However, it is not easy to dig a ten meter deep well. Seeing that the girl is trapped for more and more time, the team members and volunteers participating in the on-site rescue are worried. As soon as we arrived at the scene, we began to deliver oxygen to the underground. Later, we hung down milk, chocolate and other foods with ropes, but the girls did not eat them. At that time, the girl had been trapped underground for nearly 4 hours. If she had no nutrition supply, she was particularly worried about the accident of the child. Seeing this scene, many enthusiastic people around want to try to go down the well, but the wellhead is too small for adults to pass. At a critical moment, a member of the local zebra rescue team who came to help put forward: my son is small, let him try.

After 20 minutes of training, the 14-year-old entered the deep well upside down

Xu Jianying, wife of the zebra rescue team member, recalled that she suddenly received a phone call from her husband that night, asking if my son and I slept. This little girl fell into the well and asked me to take her son to have a try. Xu Jianying said that when he heard the news, he and his son had no hesitation and immediately got up and rushed to the site of the incident.

After arriving at the scene of the accident, the rescue workers first introduced the situation of the scene, and also explained the possible dangers in detail. My husband and I are both members of the zebra rescue team, and we will help to do some emergency rescue after work. We are very clear about the situation at that time, but we still want our children to have a try. And 14-year-old Wang minhuo is eager to try to save his little sister.

Wang Mingjin said that this is the first time he has asked a minor to help in the rescue since he was engaged in consumer rescue. At that time, he was also very nervous. At that time, he communicated with his superiors again and again. On the one hand, the situation of the underground girl was really critical, and on the other hand, Wang minhuos parents were very active and supportive, which finally determined to let the young man have a try.

In order to ensure Wang minhuos safety, before he went down the well, a doctor was specially arranged on the spot for a simple physical examination, little hero is really great, with excellent physical and psychological qualities. After confirming that height, blood pressure and other physical indicators meet the rescue requirements, the team members specially explained the use of knots to Wang minhuo. At that time, the plan was to put Wang minhuo upside down into the well, and then tie a knot to the girl underground. Considering the narrow underground space, two different ways of tying were designed. Wang minhuo learned it very quickly. He mastered it in about 20 minutes.

After all the preparations, Wang minhuo began to try to enter the deep well.

After six attempts, the juvenile successfully rescued the trapped girl

Wang Mingjin told Beiqing news that before the official rescue, we had two attempts, but when we were ready to release Wang minhuo into the deep well, it was still very difficult.

For the first time, there was a bulge on the wall of the well. It was impossible to go down to the bottom half of the well. Wang minhuo had to be pulled out first, adjusted his direction, and then entered. Basically, he tried several directions to the north, East, South and West, and finally determined the most appropriate entry direction. But for the second time, there was a new problem, because the gas supply pipeline was blocked. But for the sake of the safety of the girl and Wang minhuo, the gas supply pipeline must not be removed. Later, the redundant part was adjusted and tried again. The third time, along with Wang minhuo, he put down the probe to block the descent direction, which was only 2 meters away from the girl. It wasnt until the fourth time that I went down the well that I finally succeeded. After the fourth time, Wang minhuo quickly tied the knot for the little girl. When we asked him at the well, the young man was very confident. In fact, he did a good job, and the girl was soon rescued

Wang Mingjin said it took about 15 minutes to go down the well several times. In order to ensure Wang minhuos safety in the underground, the rescue workers set up layers of security for him, two feet, waist are tied with different ropes to ensure their safety, and a special safety rope is tied on the right hand to facilitate him to communicate with the underground by pulling the rope. He said that in the whole process, due to repeated failures, all the adults on the scene could not help but have some doubts. However, Wang mincombust has always been very confident, and the indicators of blood pressure and heart rate are also very stable. The most moving thing for me is that after the third hanging upside down into the deep well, he continued to comfort the girls and say, Im afraid, my brother will come to save you in a moment.

Mother Xu Jianying recalled that when she watched her son being put into the well over and over again, her heart also hung. Its not realistic to say that I dont worry. Fortunately, hes in good health. I cant see the specific situation inside when I stand outside, but when I heard him comforting the little girl loudly in the well, I was relieved.

Juvenile confession: I just wanted to save my little sister

Xu Jianying told Beiqing news that it was around 5 a.m. when the rescue ended at the end of the day. Worried that the rescue would cause a burden on Wang minhuos body, the rescue workers on the scene specially arranged the young people to go to the hospital for observation and rest. When I was in the hospital, I asked him if he was nervous when he went down the well. He said he didnt care about his nervousness and fear at all, I was just thinking about saving my little sister.

Xu Jianying said that Wang minhuo had been going to school normally since Monday, except for the delay of a tutoring session on Sunday. I havent come back from school at this time. Im in good health and have no influence. She said that in 2017, a colleague of her husband contacted a member of the zebra rescue team when he suddenly ran into a car without fuel and was wondering what to do when he was driving out. Soon, the volunteers rushed to the scene to provide help. It was because of this experience that Xu Jianying and her husband joined the zebra rescue team and often participated in some volunteer activities after work. My son followed me in several volunteer activities, and he has always been very caring.

The youths bravery has not been let down. On December 3, Beiqing daily learned from Hebi fire department that the rescued girl has been discharged from the hospital and is in good condition. Wang Mingjin said: I just went to the hospital on the afternoon of the 2nd, and the little girl has been discharged from the hospital, and her health has not been greatly affected. Thanks to Wang minhuo, it really played a key role in the success of the rescue.

Source: Beijing Youth Daily editor in charge: Zhou Xinyi