Easy moment: fugitives with the police to catch themselves, this is surrender?

 Easy moment: fugitives with the police to catch themselves, this is surrender?

Foreigner: nonono Dont understand dont understand Cant understand, cant understand

Who hasnt been abused by mathematics~

I Chinese people have trouble playing mahjong. Dont mention that he is a foreigner~

Its really hard to be a son-in-law in China.

Foreigner: mother in law, cant I give you money? Please dont let me learn!

Boy, Ill tell you what else you cant do. You must be able to shoot your mother-in-law.

Otherwise, I will let you feel the mysterious oriental mother-in-law power in minutes!

Seriously, I really dont like playing mahjong, using my brain and wasting my time. Whats the difference between playing mahjong and going to work?

Is there anyone like me who is really not good at playing mahjong and playing poker?

I think its very hard to think, and Im very tired, and Im easy to lose. Is it IQ?

But I think, even if it is playing mahjong brain, also cant help but to teach children homework.

Believe it or not, what kind of parents are forced to do by tutoring homework?

Recently, a photo of Mr. Wu in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province attracted attention: in the photo, he was tutoring and writing homework for his children, but his hand was tied behind him by a black belt.

Repeated questions, or again and again wrong, my heart that fire ah, cant help but hit his son. Mr. Wu said helplessly that he had used the method of binding hands for more than half a year and was using it now.

A fathers love is reflected in the rope

Its useless. You can also use your feet and your head. You can know if youve been beaten.

The next day, both father and son were taken to hospital due to concussion (error)

Do not write homework, father kindness and filial piety, a write homework, chicken fly dog jump.

Tutoring homework this thing, is to endure ovarian cyst for a while, step back mammary gland hyperplasia.

Maybe this is called reincarnation of heaven. Who can heaven spare.

Child his grandfather: ha ha ha, you also have todays TIA!

u2014u2014It will be good in a few years to help the children with their homework.

u2014u2014At that time, children will become smart and sensible?

u2014u2014No, you couldnt understand the topic then

So, no love, nothing!

Unexpectedly, human society is developing, human society is progressing, and homework is still so difficult.

My brother lies on the sofa and plays with his mobile phone. My sister-in-law grasps melon seeds at the end of the sofa. My little niece quietly writes her homework under the light.

Brother emotional said: how I hope that time is so static, daughter do not grow up, always live in our care.

My niece stared at him with a pen: have you tried to do homework in fifth grade all your life?

Students always dont understand why they have to learn things like science, chemistry and biology that they may not use in the future;

But they dont understand why adults are so stupid that they dont believe in modern medicine.

Look, what do you believe in

On November 29, a picture of Guangxi rural doctors said that drinking Changsheng liquid can live for 120 years was hot.

The reporter learned from several people on the scene that Changsheng liquid is actually the liquid boiled by Chinese herbal medicine.

The person in charge of the scene said that 96 year old people said they were in good health after eating the food, so they tried to cook the experience, without external publicity and sales, and the banner was on the rise.

Shocked! The longest living world record holder revealed that the reason why he can be more than 100 years old is closely related to the long-term drinking of a liquid called hydrogen oxide!

Since its so magical, lets try it.

After tasting the liquid, everyone said: its 120!

If its useless for you to drink, it must be heartless.

When can we prove our sincerity?

When I live to 120, my heart will be sincere~

The human stomach really gives some doctors unlimited imagination.

I dont know if the spareribs soup that I cooked all night has the miraculous effect of longevity?

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Spareribs soup cooked by netizens all night (source: video synthesis)

Ashes... Its all over???

Its said that they all know each other when they turn into ashes, but you recognize them to me~

This video suggests that we should not stay up all night, or it will become ashes~

These days, its not necessarily the doctors who wear white coats, but also the prodigy in sheeps clothing.

Id like to advise you doctors to do something serious. For example, if you lick your fingers and turn over your books, you will be poisoned (joking)

Recently, a taxi company in Kanagawa county has issued a regulation that forbids employees to lick their fingers and turn over paper, which has aroused huge repercussions on the Internet and many netizens have been cheering. In addition, in order to protect the collection of books, the library also prohibits readers from licking their fingers to turn over books.

Do you know why the library doesnt let in slippers?

Im afraid that those who lick their hands and turn over books will fight with those who pick their feet!

I have a little expectation for this scene. When the strong meet the strong, who will win in the end?

Do you lick your fingers when you read?

The Japanese really love licking, but even if they lick their books, the public must prohibit it!

Really stop licking. Cant you read a book without licking it?

And licking saliva to count money

I hope this behavior will stop when the teacher issues the test paper.

Because the college entrance examination teacher sent out papers like this, I was so angry that I deliberately failed in the college entrance examination.

Feel offended u2193

Some people have a beautiful appearance, but they turn books with their fingers dipped in saliva behind their backs.

Some people look like normal people, but behind their backs, the sand sculpture index is exploding.

Next, the sand sculpture news continues to sprint!

Recently, a mobile phone shop in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province was stolen. The owner of the shop was unable to cry or laugh when he was transferred to watch the monitor. The man even wandered in the shop with the body method of boating, and finally got up at the counter to steal. At present, the owner has called the police and the case is under further investigation.

Boss: Ill tell you how my floor is so clean!

At the end of the year, steal a house to send a big cleaning service activity.

See, this is called dedication!

At first glance, they are recidivists. They have a strong sense of hiding and monitoring!

Thief: as long as I lie low enough, I cant get the infrared sensor.

Does he think hes making spy movies? This IQ is not like a recidivist

I must have been fooled into buying a fake invisible potion!

Thief: you cant see me, you cant see me, you cant see me~

Unfortunately, the camera left him nowhere to hide.

Alas, its hard to be a thief these days

Of course, its not until the last day that I never know which is the most sand sculpture.

On December 2, Yulin Yuyang branch of Shaanxi Province reported a case.

The police of xinminglou police station got clues, and Zhang appeared in the area. After the police intercepted a motorcycle, the owner said he would cooperate with the police. Just drove out not far, the police received the information of Zhangs physical characteristics, and found that the owner was the fugitive after comparison.

This damn fate!

Police: OK, stop riding. Come down. Ill take you with me. Lets go to the Institute for a cup of tea~

Fugitive: I got myself?

I thought I could help the police to make a contribution, but I didnt expect that I was the one.

Fugitive: since thats the case, can I count as surrender?

I think I have to be light headed.

After all, we should actively cooperate with the police to catch ourselves, and make a good use of it.

The fugitive never dreamed that the cost of doing good was so heavy.

I guess he must have pretended to be calm, but in fact, he was in a panic.

Man, hold on. You can blow some after you get in!

You can not only publish a sand sculpture biography cycling with police to catch their own years

Can also be proud to say to prison friends: you are all police driving in, Im not the same, Im riding police in!

This story tells us that the most dangerous place is not the safest place.

This story also tells us that this is the result of riding electric vehicles without helmets!

What? You have to wear helmets on camels. Hey~

November 27, Ejina Banner, Inner Mongolia. Nadam conference of camel culture was held in the local area. Farmers and herdsmen from Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Qinghai, Gansu, Xinjiang and other places led more than 6000 camels to participate in the competition. Riders led camels to compete on the grassland. The scene was very spectacular.

Horse racing cant satisfy them!

Netizens: what else do you say they dont ride?

Its over. I cant tell

Inner Mongolian: Yes, we all ride horses and camels in Inner Mongolia!

Inner Mongolia people are too difficult.

Every day, I go to school on horseback. In the college entrance examination, which one is on horseback and which one is on horseback and which one is on horseback and which one is on horseback and which one is on the moving target of 300 meters is on Qinghua. When I go out, I am on the grassland and live in yurts. College students must call first when they come home from holiday, or they will not know when the yurts are moved.

Tianjin people are also very difficult. Talking about everything is like crosstalk

Theres something in it!

Its also a race. People ride camels to fight for physical strength, which is not only physical strength, but also hard work.

Recently, a video of tug of war has caught fire on the Internet. Who says tug of war must depend on strength and unity? In addition to hard attack, you can also take advantage of it! I saw only a few people at the front of the team, each wearing a funny face mask.

Tug of war? Laugh at your kind!

It should be said or not. Erkang is really a big killer. Lets see who breaks down!

Just dont look back, its easy to hurt teammates by mistake!

#Damage the enemy by one thousand and self damage by eight hundred#

He who can think wisely will never use his strength. He who comes up with this idea is also a talent.

Opposite: cant you play?

Opposite: dont be afraid. There are many ideas in their class. There are many fat people in our class. Stay calm!

This if I even laugh pee also OK, after all, the body lattice is placed here, we have this condition!

#My annual summary of 2019#

Well, no, Im going to continue to make milk tea essence! See you later.

Above ~

Meat loving Qu Shishi~

Scan the QR code, and you can also talk to the teacher

Whats your local name for this thing? Ha ha ha ha ha ha, see if there are any villagers?

Last answer up:

Look at the picture and guess a Chinese character!

Please mix Tucao language.

Tucao UP!

Who do you admire more about the two netizens Tucao?

You up and down?

Xueba will not pity you!

Youre right!

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