Why did Lao Rongzhi, the female devil head, escape successfully 20 years ago? FA Ziyings defenders reveal the behind the scenes story

 Why did Lao Rongzhi, the female devil head, escape successfully 20 years ago? FA Ziyings defenders reveal the behind the scenes story

The party contacted Yu Xi, a lawyer from the Bank of China (Hefei) law firm in Beijing who had acted as the defender of faziying, to disclose how faziying helped Lao Rongzhi escape and other details of the case.

I. These words and deeds helped Lao Rongzhi escape the law

How did you take this big case? Whats your first impression of faziying?

Yu Xi: the Hefei court appointed lawyer Wang Limin and I as the defenders of faziying. Because this is a case that may be sentenced to death or life imprisonment, according to the law, if the parties do not have their own lawyers, the court shall appoint defenders. So I was involved in this case.

The first time I saw faziying, he said that he didnt invite a lawyer. After I explained, he said: Thank you for coming to see me and chatting with me. You dont need to spend so much energy on the case. I know what Im doing.

At that time, his legs were broken in the capture, and he was carried to the meeting room by four or five people. He seemed to have no power to bind a chicken, and he was also relatively small and thin, different from the ferocious people in his imagination. But when it comes to the details of the case, I have a gloomy feeling, not like talking to someone. This feeling may come from his indifference to life, to others and his own life.

What did the meeting talk about? Did faziying talk about Lao Rongzhi?

Yu Xi: during the trial of the case, I went to the detention house and met with faziying four or five times. He had a strong desire for expression and talked a lot during the meeting. He once said that he never left a living mouth when committing a crime, which was quite ferocious. Only when he mentioned the 3-year-old girl killed by him in the case of three peoples killing of a family in Nanchang, could he show a trace of guilt and say thats a crime.

Faziying was born in the countryside, with many brothers and sisters, as well as a wife and daughter. But from being caught to being shot, his family didnt show up at one time, and he never asked my family to contact him. However, every time he asked if Lao Rongzhi had been arrested.

Picture of France and Britain being tried in court 20 years ago

How does FA Ziying behave in court?

Yu Xi: in court, faziying admitted all the facts of killing, kidnapping and robbery, but he was crafty in the cause of the incident. For example, in the case of the door extermination in Nanchang, he said that he was ordered by an official. This is sophistry. He also excused Lao Rongzhi seven times, saying that Lao Rongzhi did not participate in it. He did it all by himself.

There is also a detail. After being arrested, faziying refuses to hand over the whereabouts of Lao Rongzhi, or even admits that Lao Rongzhi is the man. He didnt admit their true identities until the police showed more evidence. But he always denied that Lao Rongzhi killed people, didnt explain or even give wrong information on the scene of the crime, misled the investigation, and won several days escape time for Lao Rongzhi.

II. Faziying claims to have committed other cases or confessed the truth after Lao Rongzhi was caught

FA Ziying asked for an interview before execution. What did she say to you?

Yu Xi: after being sentenced to death in the first instance, FA Ziying did not appeal. At the stage of death penalty review, he asked to meet me through the detention center. He said that he was dying, and he had a lot of words in his heart, and wanted to find someone to chat with.

He talked about his acquaintance with Lao Rongzhi. I asked 19-year-old Lao Rongzhi why he gave up his safe life and died. He was very pleased to hear that he said it might be the little girls hero complex and admired the people who could fight and kill. It can be said that the follow-up experience has a lot to do with Lao Rongzhis wrong outlook on life.

It was not until the last meeting before his death that I told him that Lao Rongzhi had not been arrested, and he laughed after listening.

On that day, he also talked about other criminal facts that were not recognized by the court at that time. With his consent, I provided the judiciary with a transcript of the meeting. But because Lao Rongzhi has not been brought to justice and the police have no other evidence, the other cases he said have not been solved.

20 years later, when Lao Rongzhi was arrested, what possible changes would be brought about besides comforting the victims?

Yu Xi: the most innocent victim, the carpenter, his family and children will at least feel that the murderer is finally brought to justice. And civil compensation can be brought.

In addition, faziying mentioned other criminal facts at that time, and hoped that Lao Rongzhis arrest would provide new evidence for the early detection of the outstanding case.

3. Will the excuse of faziying become the talisman of Lao Rongzhi?

The party contacted Deng Xueping, a lawyer of Shanghai Office of shangjingheng law group, for relevant interpretation.

The verdict said faziying and Lao Rongzhi were together to commit the crime. The woman looked for a kidnapping object and bought a knife freezer, but faziying denied his participation. How to identify the responsibilities of the two?

Deng Xueping: it depends on the evidence. Faziying denies that Lao Rongzhi is involved in killing people, and she may not be able to get rid of the blame.

On the other hand, although the media reported that Lao Rongzhi killed seven people, she may not be so severely punished. Because the judgment of the case needs evidence, the evidence is not based on what one person says, but on the combination of all the evidence and testimony to see whether it can prove the participation of Lao Rongzhi, the woman. If it cant be proved that the woman participated, or can only prove that she participated in one or two of them, it will be judged as much as it can be proved.

If Lao Rongzhi refuses to plead guilty, what hard core evidence is needed?

Deng Xueping: previously, the media reported that Lao Rongzhi lured the victim. If she denies participating, she must solve some problems: how does the victim enter the place controlled by faziying, and then be controlled and kidnapped. It needs a whole set of evidence system to prove it

Media reports are about Lao Rongzhi looking for and luring victims, but how to contact the victims depends on police investigation to form a complete evidence chain.

Over 20 years ago, some evidence may now be hard to gather. At present, if the fingerprint or DNA of the deceased can be extracted, and the police can get the surveillance video and confession of that year, these key evidences will be very helpful to convict Lao Rongzhi.

The prosecution period of criminal cases is 20 years, and Lao Rongzhi is only arrested now. Will it affect the follow-up investigation and trial?

Deng Xueping: many people know a little about the prosecution period. The case was put on file for investigation by the police at that time, but the parties escaped, not limited by the limitation of prosecution. It can be done for 100 years. After Lao Rongzhi is caught, the follow-up normal investigation litigation can be done.

Only those criminals who have not been found, put on file, known by the police and found out suddenly need to consider the issue of the prosecution period.

Source: editor in charge of the party: Xu Meng, nn7485