The picture is exposed! Seven people are killed, the female devil is arrested and looks calm. DNA is checked to confirm his identity

 The picture is exposed! Seven people are killed, the female devil is arrested and looks calm. DNA is checked to confirm his identity

Lau Rongzhis picture of the watch counter in the shopping mall

On the afternoon of November 27, the criminal investigation team of Siming Public Security Bureau found that a woman suspected of being a fugitive of homicide, Lao Xizhi, appeared in a shopping mall in Xiamen. Siming Public Security Bureau attached great importance to it and immediately organized the criminal investigation team, Binhai police station and other competent police forces to carry out their work in two ways: on the one hand, the research and adjudication team went deep into the suspicious womans information and further identified her identity; on the other hand, the capture team went to Xiamen to carry out field search and control around the shopping mall to further find out the location. After working hard all night long, the police pulled the strings, followed the lines, and initially determined that the suspect was a fugitive named Lao branch, and accurately grasped his activity track. At about 11:00 on November 28, after accurate study and judgment, the police successfully arrested Lao in a shopping mall in Xiamen.

After Laos arrival, the criminal investigation branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and Siming Public Security Bureau immediately organized special forces to solve the problem. Lao refuses to admit his real identity, claiming to be a Nanjing native Hong. The police immediately extracted the information of biological samples for DNA comparison and identification, and quickly confirmed that the woman was the fugitive of the homicide.

Picture of Lao Rongzhi being tried

After preliminary investigation, in 1996, Lao worked with faziying to kill a family of three in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, and then committed many crimes. In 1999, faziying was arrested in Hefei, Anhui Province, where Lao Yizhi hid his name and used many false names to abscond in many parts of the country. He fled to different cities and made a living by doing odd jobs and short-term jobs in bars, KTV and other places. During his escape from Xiamen, Lao once went to his friends watch counter in a shopping mall in Xiamen to help him look after the business, where he was arrested by Xiamen police. At present, no crime has been found during Laos escape from Xiamen.

The net of heaven is large and wide, but it lets nothing through! Xiamen police warned: Xiamen will build the most secure city in an all-round way, and build a three-dimensional prevention and control system for big data. Any illegal criminal will be punished by law.

She was the goddess of the bar Shanghai Daily when she killed seven women and fled

Carrying 7 lives, Lao Rongzhi escaped 20 years and was arrested. During his escape, Lao Rongzhi was revealed to be hiding in a bar in Xiamen under the pseudonym Sydney. At Christmas 2016, the bar used to attract customers with Sydney goddess posters. When Lao Rongzhi was arrested, he sold watches at the store counter. The operator said that he met Lao in the bar and that it was a relationship between men and women.

Lao rongzhixians boyfriend is the owner of the watch shop: its none of my business to meet at the bar

With seven lives, female fugitive Lao Rongzhi was arrested in Xiamen on November 28, 2019, 20 years after his escape. When Lao Rongzhi was arrested, Liu Xuan, the owner of the watch shop (pseudonym). Liu Xuan said that he met Lao Rongzhi at the love singing bar (bar) in Siming District, and she has a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, no contract, no employment relationship.