The fire passage of the fire-fighting high-rise building in Shenyang is blocked: the fire broke out to the roof in 6 minutes

 The fire passage of the fire-fighting high-rise building in Shenyang is blocked: the fire broke out to the roof in 6 minutes

@At 23:45 yesterday, China Fire Control reported that 235 firefighters from 47 fire engines in Shenyang fire control arrived at the scene for rescue, and the fire has been basically put out. Firefighters have searched and checked layer by layer, and there are no casualties. The fire building has 25 floors in total, and the fire location is the external wall of 5th floor and above.

It can be seen from the scene that the fire spread rapidly from the low floor to the high floor, and the buildings exterior wall and thermal insulation materials fell.

Staff: the fire passage is blocked and the fire situation is not controlled at the initial stage

According to our video report of Beijing News, the staff of Hunnan District Emergency Management Bureau said: it was only a window on the fifth floor that had an external wall insulation fire. Because the nearest fire passage to the building was blocked by parked vehicles, the fire could not be controlled in the initial stage, and the fire rushed to the roof in six minutes.

@Chinas fire ministry stressed that the fire truck passage is the life passage! No occupation, blocking or closing!

Netizens are angry:

Experienced person: I feel very lucky when I run down from the 23rd floor

According to the client of China Youth Daily, a 23 story resident, Kan Dong (a pseudonym requested by the interviewee), is looking up to his house. He is wearing a very thin down jacket with his bare arms inside, and the temperature is nearly - 17 u2103.

He Dong, 34, came home from work at 8:30. Half an hour later, when he was preparing to take a bath, he found that there was smoke in the room and it was choking.

The smoke rolled in from the crack of the door and the air outlet. As soon as the bath water was put out, my hair was wet. I covered my mouth with the towel and ran out quickly with my daughter-in-law. I grabbed a thin down jacket and didnt care to put it on. The corridor is full of smoke, and I can hardly see people. I ran to the elevator first, and found that the light of the elevator was off, so I went straight to the walking ladder.

The pungent burning smell, smoke and fire made him have a headache. Four people came down the same floor. They ran together and shouted for help. They ran to more than ten floors. The smoke was a little small. Some people didnt even mention their shoes. When we ran to the fifth floor, we met firefighters. They went upstairs to fight the fire and let them go down quickly.

Outside the building, Mr. Kan found that the gag towels were black, and the fire trucks came.

I didnt have time to take anything at home. I took a bag with a gold bracelet in it. Ive found a place to take a bath. I think Im very lucky. Ill be lucky if I dont die. Its good if I can run down from the 23rd floor. My daughter-in-law is asleep. Its no use worrying. Its already like this. Ill buy some clothes in advance for the first time in the morning. Mr. Kan said with a smile.

The men in the Northeast are so optimistic and cheerful that they are not depressed even when their families are burned. The residents of other buildings in the community thumbed up for his humor and wit.

298 households of Shenyang 25 storey high-rise building fire were put out

Beijing, Shenyang, December 3, Dec. 2, 21:16, Shenyang, Hunnan District SR new town 102 residential building fire.

In the early morning of March 3, the reporter learned from the emergency Bureau of Shenyang that after the fire, the rescue forces including the provincial emergency management department, the provincial fire rescue corps, the Shenyang Emergency Management Bureau, the Shenyang fire rescue detachment, the Hunnan Emergency Management Bureau, the Hunnan fire rescue brigade and so on rushed to the site immediately to put out the fire. After three rounds of emergency search and rescue, all the open fires were put out, and no casualties were found.

Shenyang 25 story building fire in winter night residents wearing single clothes emergency escape

On December 2, a fire broke out in a high-rise building in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. According to @ China, the fire has been basically put out, with no casualties. A guy who lived on the 20th floor didnt wear socks and cotton padded jacket, so his mother rushed to give him clothes. Another guy said that he had been sleeping for a long time, just this time, he went out to eat with his friends, and he was afraid after thinking about it.