The international once mocked Cannavaro for parking a luxury car to buy more than 30 cars

 The international once mocked Cannavaro for parking a luxury car to buy more than 30 cars

This is the current situation of Chinese football. Money is essential, but we should pay more attention to whats better than money. Remember last years Micro blog?

Quan Jian player and international Wang Yongpo posted a micro blog, and Aite also wrote about Cannavaro: the car is really parked at a high level. From the picture, Cannavaros car is blocked on the left side of Wang Yongpos car, leaving a gap of less than 10 cm in the middle, which is impossible to open the door. If Wang wants to drive, he has to climb up the right side door and slowly move to the left side cab.

Whats more, the parking lot was not crowded at that time, and there were many empty parking spaces. In addition, Cannavaro could park his car a little further away. Does it mean that Kasai deliberately joked with Wang Yongpo? No matter what Kasais original intention is, Wang Yongpo is right. Cannavaros parking technology is really up to standard! However, Kasai once coached Wang Yongpo in Quan Jian. The relationship between the two is good. Its not too much to play such a joke with him.

From this picture, we can also read some other information. Wang Yongpos car is a big Mercedes Benz with a big head of g. The price of this car in China is about 3 million yuan. And Cannavaros car is just a domestic junpai, with the lowest price of 57000 yuan and the highest price of 89000 yuan. Is the gap too big?

As a former European football player and world football player, Cannavaros honor and historical position may be incomparable to any Chinese International. Although Wang Yongpo has the ability, it is only limited to the domestic level. If he goes to the European League, he may not even play the main force of some sub leagues, but his car can buy more than 30 Cannavaro!

It is worth mentioning that Kasais car was not bought at his own expense. At that time, when the car went on the market, he invited Cannavaro to attend the conference and gave him one as a gift, so Kasai became the first owner of the car in China. If you put it that way, theres no comparison between the two mens money spent on cars.