Henan, really underestimated!

 Henan, really underestimated!

Although in 9012, the behavior of regional black has gradually decreased

But many people still have a stereotype about Henanu2014u2014

When it comes to Henan, there are many negative words

But how many of them really know Henan?

On learning, Henan has a long and splendid Central Plains culture

Philosophy, historiography, classics and Philology

Take root and sprout in this land

Henan people participated in the compilation of the famous twenty four histories

He also compiled the first Chinese dictionary, Shuowen Jiezi

These are worth remembering

On science and technology, Henan is famous for its scientific achievements at home and abroad

Henan not only has nine chapters arithmetic, Mo Jing, Shi Shi Shi Xing Jing and other scientific masterpieces

There are also armillary sphere, Hous theorem, electronic fluid phenomenon and other inventions and discoveries

From ancient times to now, Henan people have been forging ahead and innovating

These are worth remembering

The world is big, so is Henan

Henan has an endless charm

Waiting for people to find out

And these are more worthy of being remembered by the Chinese people

Henan, really underestimated!

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