After the attack, the attorney general returned to Hong Kong

 After the attack, the attorney general returned to Hong Kong

In the evening of the same day, Zheng ruohua met with the media at Hong Kong International Airport after returning to Hong Kong. On the 14th of last month, Zheng ruohua was besieged by anti Chinese and anti Chinese rioters while attending an event in Britain. He was knocked down and his hand was injured.

First of all, she sincerely thanks the central government and the central leadership for their concern and support, and once again thanks the Chinese ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming and the Chinese Embassy to the UK for their concern and arrangement.

Zheng revealed that after the injury, the Chinese Embassy in the UK arranged to return home. After returning to Beijing, she immediately went to the hospital for further examination and treatment.

Zheng ruohua said that he had operated in the UK to fix the fracture with metal because of the fracture of his left forearm and partial dislocation of his wrist. Doctors say it takes three to 12 months for the left hand to fully recover. The injury also injured the nerve line. At present, the situation has improved. I hope there is no need for a second operation. She has reported the case to the London police and is confident that they will follow up.

In response to a reporters question, Zheng said frankly that the arm hurt, of course, but it was more painful to see that Hong Kong was still in a state of chaos and disorder.

Zheng ruohua will return to work on the 4th.

Source: responsible editor of China News Network: Du Shuo, nb12556