Trump again criticized NATOs brain death: no one needs NATO more than France

 Trump again criticized NATOs brain death: no one needs NATO more than France

According to CNN on December 3, trump made an outspoken attack on markron before the NATO summit in London, calling his comments on NATOs brain death and the USs indifference to NATO very unreasonable and obnoxious.

No one needs NATO more than France. The country that really benefits the least is the United States, trump said He also complained, incidentally, that the defense costs paid by the United States for NATO were too high..

From December 3 to 4, leaders of NATO member countries gathered in London to mark the 70th anniversary of the alliance. On the morning of the 3rd local time, trump met with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg at the US embassy. Later Wednesday, he will meet with supporters at a private fundraising event in London, and then hold talks with makron and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau.

Markron said on November 7 that NATO was in a state of brain death and warned that European countries could no longer rely on the United States to defend their allies. Last year, markron put forward the European intervention initiative, urging Europe to reduce its military dependence on the United States, promote European defense cooperation, and call for the establishment of a European army. At present, more than a dozen European countries have joined the initiative.

On the evening of December 2, the U.S. trade representative reported that France has implemented a discriminatory policy towards U.S. digital companies. In response, the U.S. may impose tariffs of up to 100% on French goods up to $2.4 billion.

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