Dean of HKU medical school: hardware damage is skin injury, and brain drain

 Dean of HKU medical school: hardware damage is skin injury, and brain drain

Cheuk Wai Leung, Dean of the medical school of the University of Hong Kong (source: Star Island daily)

Overseas network, Dec. 3 - Hong Kongs practice storm is still continuing. The mob had previously extended its talons to the campus, and the University was referred to as a battlefield. But after the mob left in a hurry, the lovely appearance of the campus in the past has become blurred, and the only thing left is the devastation, which cant help but make people heartbroken. Leung Cheuk Wai, Dean of the medical school of the University of Hong Kong, said Wednesday that it was heartbreaking to see the crumbling walls of the campus of CUHK and PolyU as a member of the higher education community.

According to Hong Kongs Star Island daily, on the same day, the medical school of Hong Kong University posted an article by Liang Zhuowei, Dean of the social platform. In the article, Liang Zhuowei said that he could only describe the mood of the past month with soul stirring. He believed that people like him could not sleep for many nights. Todays moment of peace in pokfulan is not easy, and we have not yet dared to relax..

What worries Liang Zhuowei is that the hardware damage on campus may be just skin injury, and the real danger is the brain drain. He pointed out that talents are the lifeblood of the University, but the university has become a battlefield, and learning and research have been blocked, and the original teaching and research work can not be carried out. Once the first-class teachers and students choose to leave, it will inevitably hurt the long-term development.

Liang also pointed out that the most serious damage to Hong Kongs people at present is the damage to peoples hearts, we are all very sad, sad, angry, even desperate for the future. There are many young people in the mob, whose physical and mental injuries are hard to estimate. He worries, once they have planted the seeds of hatred in their hearts and let hatred accompany their growth, this thought is likely to dominate their life direction. What I am more worried about is that their next generation will also be nurtured by hatred. There will be less and less rational space in society, and instead, there will be the soil for cultivating extreme thoughts.

In the face of peoples doubts about Hong Kongs young generation, Leung stressed that we should not give up anyone and try to restore generations confidence in Hong Kong and the future. In fact, we should save Hong Kong and protect the future of every Hong Kong people.

Source: editor in charge of overseas website: Zhou Xinyi ufe63 nb12002