20 years after losing contact with Peking University doctors uncle abroad: the family no longer want to find him

 20 years after losing contact with Peking University doctors uncle abroad: the family no longer want to find him

A postdoctoral student of Peking University went abroad for 20 years without any news. Now his mother wanted to see him for the last time, but was told not to look for him again. In this regard, the uncle of the party said to the interface news that the relatives have no hope and do not want to find again.

Recently, Wang XX, a postdoctoral student of Peking University, lost contact with his family for 20 years. After being found in the United States, he didnt want to meet his family, which attracted the attention of netizens. On December 3, Mr. Guo, his uncle, told the interface news that Wang had called him and didnt answer after he said he didnt want to contact him through an intermediary.

Now, we dont have much hope. We dont think its interesting. Our family dont want to look for him anymore. Mr. Guo said.

According to relatives, Wang has successively obtained a Ph.D. in physics from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a Ph.D. in physics from Peking University. When he was in China, he often brought back information to his family by phone or letter. However, since 1999 when he went abroad and his family broke the news, has not heard for 20 years.

According to litchi news, Wangs family sent out a search for a relative. On November 30, a netizen provided a clue that there was a technician living in Atlanta, the United States, who was similar to Wangs identity information. Then on December 1, his uncle Guo contacted Wang through an intermediary, and the reply was: I hope my family will not look for him through the media. When asked if he would meet his mother, he replied with only seven words: its hard for a clean official to do housework.

Mr. Guo told interface news that when Wang was a kid, he often took him with him and always thought he was a good kid. Whether he was studying for an undergraduate or a masters degree at Suzhou University, or a doctors degree at the Institute of physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, or a postdoctoral degree at Peking University, he has always been an academic bully. Now he doesnt want to contact his family, and he feels helpless.

Mr. Guo said that he hoped Wang could feel the pressure and think of his mother.

Mr Guo revealed that Wangs mother was suffering from uremia and severe anemia and is now in a critical state.

Source: editor in charge of interface news: Du Shuo, nb12556