Best coach of baolio MVP Li Xiaopeng

 Best coach of baolio MVP Li Xiaopeng


Jixiang (Suning, Jiangsu): advance can attack, retreat can defend, desperately Sanlang side road resurrection.

Jin Wenzai (Beijing Zhonghe Guoan) League second place indispensable defense.

Zhu chenjie (Shanghai Shenhua): a rising young central defender, the first in intercepting data.

Li Lei (Zhonghe Guoan, Beijing): flying wing on the left, can attack and defend well.


Oscar (Shanggang, Shanghai): Super assists Wang, the core of the team.

Hao Junmin (Luneng, Shandong): Luneng midfield commander.

Paolinio (Guangzhou Evergrande): Evergrandes biggest champion.

Augusto (Beijing Zhonghe Guoan): Guoan metronome, assists and key passing data are among the best.


Zahavi (Guangzhou Fuli): set a single season goal record of China Super League with 29 goals.

Exxon (Guangzhou Evergrande): he is still the most dangerous killer in the champion team with many shooters.

Best Coach:

Li Xiaopeng (Shandong Luneng): a leader of local coaches. Know people well and use tactics reasonably and effectively. It is expected to lead the team to the FA Cup.

The best player:

Paulino (Guangzhou Evergrande): omnipotent steel warrior.