The first defending war is over! Zhang Weilis bold words against Polands fierce women will fight Chinese women to doubt life

 The first defending war is over! Zhang Weilis bold words against Polands fierce women will fight Chinese women to doubt life

When Zhang Weili first got the sixth place in the grass scale after entering the UFC, she once challenged Joanna, the Polish famous general at that time, but Joanna called who is Zhang Weili on social media? This attitude seems to defy Zhangs challenge.

Its true that Joanna is by no means a layman. She was the second champion in UFC history, defending the title five times in a row after winning the title in 2015. In addition, he has won four European Thai Boxing Championships and six world Thai Boxing Championships in the field of standing fighting, and his strength is very strong. In November 2017, he was defeated by TKO in the first game of rose, suffered the first defeat in his career and lost the golden belt.

But in the UFC competition in Shenzhen, after Zhang Weili won the UFC world championship, at this time, Joanna took the initiative to fight Zhang Weili instead. At present, Zhang Weili has a professional record of 20 wins and 1 loss, and has won 19 consecutive victories. Since she first participated in the MMA competition in 2013, she has never lost and won all four UFC competitions.

In order to challenge Zhang Weili, Joanna challenged Zhang Weili in various public occasions. After winning the UFC battle night 161, she immediately challenged Zhang Weili to say that she could have a fight with Zhang Weili in her hometown Poland. Zhang Weili immediately said that the present Joanna was not such an excellent opponent in the past, and that she wanted to fight with the better rose rose to defend the title, but rose was injured and has not yet returned.

Not long ago, Joanna was furious again, saying that even if she went to challenge Zhang Weilis motherland China, she said: any place, any time! Bangkok, Sri Lanka, Warsaw, Toronto, wherever. For me, I have no problem. I can go to China to defeat her and fight her to doubt life.

In the face of Joannas challenge, Zhang replied calmly, does she seem angry? Dont worry about her calming down. Im ready. Call my manager, Im ready!

Now the battle between the two has become a reality. In the current state of Zhang Weili, facing the peak of Joanna, although Joannas standing technology is very outstanding, Zhang Weilis technology is more comprehensive, occupying an absolute advantage in speed, strength, ground technology, etc., as long as normal play of Joanna, it is difficult to win!