Eating potatoes, rice and noodles is not a substitute for vegetables

 Eating potatoes, rice and noodles is not a substitute for vegetables

Mistake 2. Replace whole grains with potatoes.

Using potatoes to replace whole grains such as oatmeal, brown rice and beans as the main food will also increase the blood sugar load of the diet. Studies have shown that the relative risk of type 2 diabetes increases by 30% if a single potato is used instead of whole grains. There is no risk of replacing white bread with white bread.

Error 3. Eat fried chips.

After the potatoes are fried in high temperature, the raw materials will absorb a large amount of cooking oil, resulting in a large increase in fat content, which is very easy to cause people to eat too much fat, increasing the risk of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease.

All in all, eating too much potato food will produce high blood glucose load, and high blood glucose diet will cause postprandial hyperglycemia, which is related to endothelial dysfunction, oxidative stress and inflammation, which are important potential mechanisms of causing hypertension and heart disease. In addition, excessive potatoes increase the total calories in the diet, leading to weight gain, while overweight and obesity are confirmed to promote diabetes and high blood pressure.

Since eating potatoes improperly will increase the risk of diabetes, cant you eat potatoes? The answer is clearly no. As long as we grasp the following tips, we can avoid the trouble of eating potatoes.

1. Eat potatoes as rice instead of vegetables. According to the 2016 Chinese dietary guidelines for residents, it is recommended that the daily intake of cereals and potatoes is 250-400g, among which the average daily intake of potatoes, including potatoes, is 50-100g. It is eaten as a staple food, not included in 300-500 grams of vegetables per day. If you want to enjoy potatoes and beef, potatoes are in the dishes, thats OK, but if you eat potatoes, you need to deduct rice accordingly.

2. Use only potatoes instead of white rice and flour, and do not use them instead of whole grains. When potatoes are used as the main food to replace the corresponding rice steamed bread, not only the blood sugar will not be increased rapidly, but also the potassium intake in the diet will be increased. Even if it is a comparison of potatoes, the sugar index cant exceed white bread and rice porridge, so dont worry too much.

3. Choose the crispy potato varieties. The difference of potato varieties has a great influence on sugar index. In daily life, there is no way to accurately determine how high the blood glucose load value of potatoes is just like the laboratory research, but it is not bad according to the taste judgment: when choosing potatoes, the brittleness is relatively large, the dough is not so soft, the cooking is not so easy to soft and rotten potatoes, and the sugar index will be lower.

4. Refuel less when cooking. Traditional potato cooking is accompanied by high oil and salt, such as Stewed Beef Brisket with potatoes, large plate chicken, etc. Such potato dishes will not only increase the total fat content of the diet, but also the total calories. When cooking with less oil, the risk of obesity is not so high.

5. Take it a little cooler. Compared with potato hot food, the sugar index decreased by 26% after 24 hours at 8 u2103, and cooling resulted in the conversion of fast digested starch to slow digested starch, and the content of resistant starch increased significantly. Other studies have also found that the sugar index of potatoes after cold storage can be reduced by about 25%.

6. Eat potatoes with vinegar. Acetic acid like additives can reduce the blood glucose response by reducing the speed of gastric emptying, and delay the rising speed of postprandial blood glucose and insulin of healthy people after eating potatoes. Chinese people like to eat vinegar potato shreds and sour and spicy potato shreds, which can not only protect vitamin C, but also keep crispy mouth. As long as you put less oil and eat less rice and steamed bread, it is a good way to reduce blood sugar reaction.

Source: Peoples network editor in charge: Geng Yiwen ufe63 nj6040