Killed carpenters wife: looking for Lao Rongzhi in pain for 20 years to see her on the spot for trial

 Killed carpenters wife: looking for Lao Rongzhi in pain for 20 years to see her on the spot for trial

The Beijing News previously reported that on July 23, 1999, there was a gun kidnapping in Hefei, which shocked the whole country. The kidnapper held a gun and fought with the police. Finally, the kidnapper was caught. It is understood that the kidnapper, faziying, and his girlfriend, Lao Rongzhi, have committed crimes in Nanchang, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Nanning, Hefei, etc. for a long time. Lao Rongzhi lures men who look like they have a rich family, swindles them to the back of the rental house, kidnaps and extorts money with guns and knives, robs them, and brutally kills 7 people before and after.

On December 28, 1999, faziying was executed and Lao Rongzhi fled. On November 28 this year, Lao Rongzhi, who had absconded for 20 years and had seven lives, was arrested in Xiamen. Zhu Dahong, the wife of a victim, told the Beijing news that her husband was Lu Zhongming, a carpenter who was only 31 years old when he was killed by faziying and Lao Rongzhi.

Hefei police verified that Lao Rongzhi tricked the man Yin Mou to extort money from the rental house. In order to intimidate Yin Mou and make him believe that he was a kidnapper, Lu Zhongming was tricked to the scene on July 22, 1999 to do carpentry work and killed Lu Zhongming in front of Yin Mou.

Zhu Dahong said that after her husband was killed, she had thought about suicide, but thought that her two sons and one daughter had no father and needed to be taken care of in the future, so that she could find a cleaning job in Hefei in 2000 and insisted on raising three children. I go to the public security organ every year to ask if Lao Rongzhi has been caught. Now this matter of mind has finally come to an end.

Zhu Dahong said that when the court tried faziying, she had been there to listen, and faziying had no intention of repenting for killing seven people. Later, faziying was sentenced to death, and Zhu Dahong also filed a criminal incidental civil action. Because faziying had no actual ability to repay, she did not get compensation.

Zhu Dahong said that now that Lao Rongzhi has been caught, she hopes to see him on trial and plans to file an incidental civil action claim against him. Lu Zhongmings mother often asked Lao Rongzhi if he had been caught. He died with regret in the early years.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Du Shuo, nb12556