Hua Chunying: I think pompeio is very like Xianglins nagging poisonous lies

 Hua Chunying: I think pompeio is very like Xianglins nagging poisonous lies

Hua Chunying says that pompeio is like Sister Xianglin (source: video synthesis)

Recently, U.S. Secretary of state Peng Peio said Huawei was suspected of spying in some countries, especially stealing intellectual property rights from Germany, Britain and other countries. To this end, Hua Chunying replied: Sister Xianglin in Lu Xuns novel blessing always talks about the same topic endlessly. I think Mr. pompeio is acting very much like Sister Xianglin. Its just that Mrs. Xianglin talks about harmless nonsense, while Mr. pompeio talks about poisonous lies.

Trumps impeachment hearing adds to the news that pompeio is pulled into the water and Putin is reaping the profits

Local time 20, the impeachment hearing against President trump of the United States added explosive testimony. Sunderland, the US ambassador to the European Union, not only acknowledged Trumps pressure on Ukraine, but also accused Secretary of state pompeio, vice president burns and other senior White House officials of everyone has a share.

And to Hong Kong chivalrous Island: are you tired of pompeio?

In order to mess up Hong Kong, U.S. Secretary of state Peng Peio really broke his heart. On November 18, Mr. pompeio again pointed his finger at Hong Kong. He said that violence on either side is unacceptable. The Hong Kong SAR government bears the main responsibility to calm down Hong Kong. The United States calls on the Hong Kong SAR government to establish an independent investigation committee to replace the supervisory police committee.